Talking Points Blog highlights – Great Insights, Volume 5, Issue 5 (October/November 2016)

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    Who will implement the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy? Talking Points, Damien Helly, 30 September 2016 In the first of a series of three blog posts ahead of the publication of the implementation plan of the EU’s Global Strategy or Foreign and Security Policy, ECDPM’s Damien Helly argues that the EU has far too many diplomats doing the same things and that their human resources could, and should, be managed in a much more rational way. Empowering women in Africa: The only way to achieve food security Talking Points, Carmen Torres and Hanne Knaepen, 9 September 2016 Girls and young women represent a crucial invisible labour force in the developing world, as Carmen Torres explains in her recent article for the Girls Rights Gazette. They play a key role as producers of food, managers of natural resources, income earners, and main caregivers of their families and communities. Nevertheless, gender-based discrimination denies rural women and girls equitable access to land, information and productive resources, opportunities for formal employment, equal access to education and health care, as well as the power of decision-making. Is the African Union’s financial independence a possibility? Talking Points, Luckystar Miyandazi, 24 August 2016 As a continental organisation, the African Union (AU) is in a constant struggle to cope with the multifaceted social, economic and political problems that have become particularly worrisome over the last two decades. Consequently, resolving this has great resource implications. Yet, the quest to find alternative, adequate, stable, and predictable funding for a fully functioning AU has been discussed severally at various experts and ministerial meetings, but with no formal decisions being made. A ray of hope, however, comes in the form of the recent adoption of a more bold declaration on AU financing at the 27th AU summit. The big question is: Could this be what the union needs to finally meet financial independence? European Development Days 2016: Focus on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals Talking Points, Melissa Julian, 21 July 2016 Last month, over 6,000 international development experts, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, attended the European Development Days (EDDs), Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation. Their discussions focussed on the implementation of the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’, making it one of the very first major conferences dedicated to the issue.
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