Making policies work
  • Publication

    A guide to the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance

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    Merging peace and politics: Drivers, dilemmas and options for the AU’s new governance setup

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    Election watch: The race for African Union top posts

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    Pushing on a string or pulling threads together? Lessons learned for anti-corruption efforts by European donors

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    Botswana: One of Africa’s most stable democracies, but where are the women?

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    Governance in Africa-Europe relations: Modesty, realism and working politically

Democratic governance and accountable institutions are essential to ensure inclusive and sustainable development and respect for human rights. Our inclusive governance and accountability team wants to contribute to a context-specific and politically informed understanding of the drivers of governance and accountability.

Our work

Topics we look at include:

  • Africa-Europe dialogue on political governance
  • The roles of local, national and international actors in inclusive governance
  • The governance agenda in regional and multilateral institutions, such as the AU and the EU  
  • The demand for governance through civil society and citizens’ movements
  • Gender equality
  • Rule of law and anti-corruption initiatives

More information

The inclusive governance and accountability workstream is part of the ‘peaceful societies and accountable governance’ cluster.

For more information about our work, get in touch with Jean Bossuyt or have a look at ECDPM’s 2022-2023 work plan.

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