Making policies work
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    Mission possible? The Geopolitical Commission and the partnership with Africa

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    The challenge of scaling up the European Union’s global response to COVID-19

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    A necessary shake-up: EU programming for international cooperation

The EU is dealing with a number of challenges close to home, while at the same time aiming to play a more significant role in solving global development problems. To address the challenges and deliver on its objectives, coherent and effective external action is essential.

That, however, is no easy task. We support the EU institutions and member states in working towards that goal, while not shying away from critical reflection and analysis that helps hold the institutions and governments to account.

We contribute research and independent analysis of EU foreign policies that impact or might impact global development. We also examine the instruments and systems designed to implement those policies and investigate how they function in practice. We look at what works well and what could be done better – and help bring about change for the better.

Our main focus is on Africa-Europe and ACP-EU relations. Our activities help the EU and its member states take the realities in developing countries better into consideration in their thinking. Conversely, we also help our partners better understand how the EU works, how its institutions function and how EU policies and policy instruments impact dynamics within their own national borders.

We work together with the African Union Commission and ACP Secretariat, EU institutions and EU member states, and a range of African and European think tanks.