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    The future of EU security sector assistance: Learning from experience

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    Friends and money for a peaceful and secure Africa

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    Peace and security in Africa: Drivers and implications of North Africa’s southern gaze

The security threat in Africa is acute, and conflict and fragility are moving closer to the EU’s borders. African and European institutions remain torn between provision of long-term development assistance and humanitarian and crisis aid, though the latter is recognised to be costly and unsustainable.

We support African, European and global institutions in engineering better transitions from short-term responses to resilience and development over the long haul.

Our research and analyses inform African and European but also global policies and processes, to make conflict prevention and peacebuilding more effective. We look at existing initiatives and explore what works, and what does not. We also investigate underlying prerequisites for peaceful, secure and resilient states.

We continually stress that though humanitarian aid and crisis response is important, it is insufficient for creating peaceful societies. Moreover, it is costly, and – if not approached in a coherent way – ultimately detrimental to Europe’s and Africa’s long-term interests. We also underline the need to work together and share best practices.

Our activities centre on the 2030 Agenda, the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), EU integrated approaches for addressing and preventing conflict, and implementation of the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy.

We engage with the African Union (AU) Commission, with Africa’s regional economic communities (RECs) and with think tanks and research centres in Africa and Europe, alongside NGOs and EU development partners.

Ongoing topics

European responses to violent conflict and crisis 
We promote efforts to enhance the EU’s overall political and institutional capacity to be an effective global player in dealing with conflict prevention, peacebuilding and statebuilding.

Responses to violent conflict and crisis in Africa
We aim to support peacebuilding processes, working with African institutions and initiatives at both the continental and regional levels so they can better deal with conflict, security and support greater resilience.

Other work to address conflict and crisis
Global policy discussions and initiatives are needed on peace, conflict, security and resilience. We promote these emerging insights to European and African policymakers, to better connect policy with practice in peacebuilding and statebuilding.