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    African regional responses to COVID-19

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    Self-financing the African Union: One levy, multiple reforms

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    Making sense of regional integration in Africa

Sustainable development is about more than economic transformation. Finding the right governance structures to support changing societal dynamics is just as important. Despite major steps forward in this respect, the African continent still confronts frequent social uprisings and electoral violence. We aim to support African institutions in preventing these consequences of weak governance.

Our research and analysis looks at existing governance initiatives and frameworks in Africa. We identify what has worked well and what has not, and feed that knowledge back to our African partners. Similarly, we inform European and global development partners about African dynamics of change and about the African initiatives in place to address governance challenges.

We also seek to connect different partners working towards the same goals – within Africa, but also between Africa and Europe and between Africa and international coalitions. Our goal is to make certain that strategies and priorities link up, and that they are well adapted to the realities of the African continent.

Most of our work focuses on the African Governance Architecture (AGA), a framework brought to life by the African Union in 2010 to better connect national and regional initiatives for improved governance on the continent. Particularly, we look at the regional and continental dimensions, pursuing links with peace and security frameworks.

Our partners include the African Union Commission, the African Development Bank, Africa’s regional economic communities (RECs), think tanks in Africa and Europe, the EU institutions and civil society organisations.