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The African Union (AU), its member states and the numerous regional blocs across the African continent all develop and implement policies promoting Africa’s socio-economic development. Our African Institutions and Regional Dynamics programme works to help African institutions and regions pursue that goal.

The AU has taken major steps to further socio-economic development and to introduce greater unity among member states and regions – to increase intra-African cooperation and to speak with one voice on the international stage. Since the AU’s Agenda 2063 was launched in 2013, the AU has implemented a number of reforms and flagship programmes, including the landmark African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

However, the large number of overlapping regional organisations, the power dynamics at national, regional and continental levels, and an ever-changing external environment create a very complex policy environment. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis, geopolitical shifts and calls to decolonise development are bound to further change socio-economic dynamics on the continent and the role of external actors seeking to support the various development agendas at national, regional and continental levels.

What we do

  • We analyse AU reform processes, focusing on trade, industrialisation, governance and the AU’s international relations, particularly with Europe.
  • We research and facilitate regional integration processes.
  • We analyse political economy dynamics within and between countries, particularly linked to trade, transport and broader economic reforms.

An important part of all our work is exploring power dynamics and incentives between African, but also with international actors – looking at what or who drives or hampers change. Themes we focus on include the AfCFTA, Africa-Europe relations, regional integration in Africa, trade and industrialisation, climate and green transition, and governance and electoral processes.

For more information about our recent activities and projects, have a look at our 2021 work plan or our 2020 annual report.

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