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Calendar and Resources, GREAT insights, Volume 1, Issue 8 (October 2012)

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1-5 Pacific-EU Technical negotiating sessions, Brussels, Belgium
 COMESA Council of Ministers, Kampala, Uganda
 COMESA Business Forum, Kampala, Uganda
 2nd Meeting of the ACP Inter-Regional Coordination Committee, Brussels, Belgium
 Central Africa- EU Technical meeting, Brussels, Belgium (TBC)
ACP Trade Senior Officials and Ministerial Trade Committee, Brussels, Belgium
 Joint ACP-EU Ministerial Trade Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
 Joint CARIFORUM-EU Council meeting, Brussels. Belgium 
ACP Roadmap and Action Plan on Mineral Resources Kick-Off Meeting + ACP Global Debate on Commodities, Brussels, Belgium
SADC-EU EPA technical meeting on Rules of Origins (venue, TBC) 
 ESA-EU iEPA Committee inaugural meeting, Brussels, Belgium (TBC)


6-9 EAC-EU joint Technical Officials negotiations session, Kampala, Uganda
27-29 24th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Paramaribo, Suriname
TBC SADC-EU joint Senior Officials’ negotiating sessions (venue TBC)


Common or Conflicting Interests? Reflections on the Private Sector (for) Development Agenda 
Bruce Byiers and Anna Rosengren, ECDPM Discussion Paper 131, July 2012

Fiscal challenges, development opportunities? 20 key questions on domestic resource mobilization 
Bruce Byiers and Melissa Dalleau, ECDPM Discussion Paper 125, October 2011

European Commission Public Consultation: Towards A Post-2015 Development Framework 
Written Contribution By The European Centre For Development Policy Management, ECDPM, September 2012 

What Is The Rise Of South-South Relations About? Development, Not Aid
Sanoussi Bilal, Mondiaal Nieuws Papers 70, September 2012.

The Future and the WTO: Confronting the Challenges A Collection of Short Essays
Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Christophe Bellmann and Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza( eds), ICTSD Programme on Global Economic Policy and Institutions , July 2012

International Technology Diffusion in a Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement (SETA)
Thomas L. Brewer, ICTSD, September 2012

Trade Law Implications of Procurement Practices in Sustainable Energy Goods and Services 
Alan Herve and David Luff, ICTSD, September 2012 

From Rule Takers to Rule Makers The Growing Role of Chinese in Global Governance
Scott Kennedy and Shuaihua Cheng, ICTSD, September 2012

US Farm Policy and Risk Assistance The Competing Senate and House Agriculture Committee Bills of July 2012 
Carl Zulauf and David Orden, ICTSD Issue Paper 44, September 2012 

Net Food-Importing Developing Countries Who They Are, and Policy Options for Global Price Volatility 
Alberto Valdés and William Foster, ICTSD Issue Paper 43, September 2012

The Politics Of Social Protection: Why Are Public Works Programmes So Popular With Governments And Donors?
Anna McCord, ODI Background Note, September 2012

Political Settlements, Elite Pacts, and Governments of National Unity: A Conceptual Study
Edward Laws, Developmental Leadership Program Background Paper 10, August 2012

Donor Methods to Prioritise Investments in Agricultural Research and Development 
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, 2012

Busan In A Nutshell – What next for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation? 
Farida Bena, Oxfam Briefing Note, October 2012 

Creating a Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation
Brian J. Atwood, center for global development essay, October 2012

Democratisation and the Political Economy of Agricultural Policy
in Africa 
Colin Poulton, Future Agricultures Working Paper 43, July 2012 

Distortions to Agriculture and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Kym Anderson and Markus Brückner, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6206, September 2012 

ESPA Guide To Working With Theory Of Change For Research Projects 
Isabel Vogel, Research to Action, September 2012

Complex New World: Translating New Economic Thinking Into Public Policy 
Tony Dolphin and David Nash (eds), Institute for Public Policy Research, September 2012

‘Our Land, Our Lives’ Time Out On The Global Land Rush 
Kate Geary, OXFAM Briefing Note, October 2012 

Meeting The Challenges Of Crisis States 
James Putzel and Jonathan Di John, Crisis States Research Centre Report, 2012 


This article was published in Great Insights Volume 1, Issue 8 (October 2012)


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