23 June 2022 11:0012:00

Thinking and working politically about regional cooperation and integration

On 23 June 2022, ECDPM and TWP Community of Practice jointly organised the online global event ‘Thinking and working politically about regional cooperation and integration’. ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers presented during the event and Kathleen Van Hove hosted the event. 

ECDPM staff involved

As part of the TWP Community of Practice Global Webinar Series, this online event discussed the experience and challenges of thinking and working politically in regional integration and cooperation in Africa. Building on the lessons from more than a decade of work at ECDPM on the political economy dynamics of regional cooperation and integration, the objective was to gather examples of how and when regional policies have worked, what support for regional integration has consisted of, the challenges faced in making this more politically embedded, and how a TWP approach might look and be applied.

The discussion sought to identify different examples of innovative efforts at supporting regional integration in a politically-informed way to tease out key insights about how these can deliver and move from policy to practice and impact.

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