17 April 2024 12:3014:30

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Just Transition: Global impacts of national and regional transitions

On 17 April 2024 from 12:30-14:30, ECDPM together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) of the Netherlands, are hosting a high-level event 'Just Transition: Global impacts of national and regional transitions'. This lunchtime event focuses on the global impacts of circular economy transitions and the importance of inclusive policies.

The event will be held in-person. Participation is limited, and seats will be attributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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To promote a just transition towards a circular economy, potential global effects should be taken into account while developing national and regional circular policies. A just transition involves ensuring that no people, places, sectors, countries, or regions are left behind in the transition to circularity. Understanding the varying impacts on different value chains and the challenges faced by actors in different countries will help to create more inclusive circular policies and strategies and strengthen the global circular economy as a whole.

The event will build on the work of ECDPM and PBL on the international implications of the European and Dutch transition to a circular economy, and findings from the JUST2CE project by the African Circular Economy Network. 

A key recommendation from the research is to enhance dialogue and engagement among stakeholders internationally, within the EU, and domestically to develop inclusive circular policies and address negative impacts elsewhere. The World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels presents an ideal platform to showcase this research and deepen discussions with partners on this critical issue. 

The panel will include government representatives from partner countries and the EU, including South Africa, Ghana and the Netherlands. 


  • Introduction and presentation by ECDPM  and PBL on the global dimensions of a circular economy transition 
  • Reactions from panelists 
  • Presentation by Africa Circular Economy Network (ACEN) on the  JUST2CE project
  • Reactions from panelists
  • Q&A with audience

The session will be moderated by Karim Karaki, Head of the Economic Recovery and Transformation at ECDPM.