25 January 2023 10:0011:30

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The future of Africa: Challenges and opportunities

On 25 January 2023, Jakkie Cilliers of ISS will present his book ‘The Future of Africa’. The book offers a critical introduction to human and economic development prospects in Africa revolving around three questions: where is Africa today, what explains the current state, and, given historical trends and what we know about the world, where do we think the continent will be in 2040? And, a final question: what can we do to create a better tomorrow?

The presentation will be followed by a discussion at the ECDPM Brussels office.

Jakkie Cilliers is the founder and former Executive Director of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). He currently serves as chair of the ISS Board of Trustees and head of the African Futures and Innovation Programme at the ISS.

ECDPM’s Mariella Di Commo will facilitate the discussion.