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ECDPM Annual Report 2012


ECDPM. 2013. ECDPM Annual Report 2012. Maastricht: ECDPM.

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The ECDPM Annual Report 2012 is also available in French.

Introducing ECDPM’s Annual Report 2012

Development thinking is entering a new phase. The traditional aid provision system is gradually being replaced by new approaches to international cooperation, which focus on the pursuit of common interests in an increasingly multipolar world. In the field of international cooperation, policies, practices and institutions are changing. Where new ‘rules of the game’ apply, there is a need for new tools, such as well- informed dialogue, different types of partnerships, institutional innovation and joint learning.

These are precisely the areas in which ECDPM is a recognised leader. ECDPM’s mission is to broker effective development partnerships between the European Union and the Global South, and to contribute to the transformation of European and international cooperation.

To target our efforts we organise our work around four thematic priorities (see page 8), which in practice are translated into six Centre programmes:
1. EU External Action
2. Conflict, Security and Resilience
3. Economic Governance
4. Trade and Regional Integration
5. Africa’s Change Dynamics
6. Food Security

See the microsite version of the Annual Report 2012, or read the Annual Report 2012 here:

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Annual reportsCorporate documents