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Food insecurity affects over 1 billion people worldwide

Food security exists when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Although the share of undernourished people in the population has decreased over the last 25 years worldwide, many people are still going to bed hungry, particularly in Africa. On that continent, one in every five people is estimated to be undernourished.

Despite the challenges, Africa holds the potential to become a major food basket for the world

At ECDPM, we believe that food security is a global public good. While social protection can play an important role, we are convinced that it also requires well-functioning agricultural markets and trade at different levels (local, national, regional, international). Africa is a net food importer that cannot feed its own people, although the continent holds the potential to become a food basket for its population and beyond.

This requires effective and inclusive agricultural value chain development, with enhanced processing, to meet the food demand of a growing and urbanising population, whose consumption patterns are shifting. ECDPM’s Food Security Programme aims to strengthen the capacity of public and private actors in Africa contributing to regional agricultural and food security policy processes and engage in public-private partnerships that work.

We also help development partners, in particular from Europe, to adopt coherent and effective policies for global food security. ECDPM facilitates dialogue on food security, bridging policy initiatives at the continental, regional and national level.

ECDPM facilitates dialogue on food security, bridging policy initiatives at the continental, regional and national level

To achieve its mission, the Food Security Programme brings together various fields of expertise within ECDPM on trade, economic development, regional integration and governance. It conducts policy-oriented research and facilitates dialogue, to bridge policy areas and levels (particularly continental, regional and national).

Our work on food security

The Food Security Programme focusses on the following work streams:



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