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Jean Bossuyt

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Civil society
  • Local governance
  • Decentralization


Jean Bossuyt , a Belgian national, has been with ECDPM since 1990. His current position is Head of Strategy. Focusing on ACP-EU cooperation, he has been involved in policy and practical work on issues related to democratisation and governance; civil society participation; decentralisation and decentralised cooperation; EU cooperation policies and reform processes. He did fieldwork in several ACP countries and published extensively on ACP-EU cooperation. Prior to joining the Centre, he worked at the Centre for Third World Studies at the University of Ghent, for the Brussels Delegation of the UNHCR and as a civil servant in the Belgian Parliament.

Pre-ECDPM assignments

  • Third World Centre of the University of Ghent
  • Brussels Delegation of the UNHCR
  • Belgian Parliament

External publications and contributions

    New Diplomacy and Development

    GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 21-03-2014

    New Ambitions with Regard to Human Rights: Can the EU Deliver?

    GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 06-12-2013

    Jean Bossuyt

    Head of Strategy




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