Whither EC Aid? Budget support

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    About this Briefing Note

    In the framework of the activities carried out so far stakeholders have clearly stated the need for increased dialogue on the EC’s increased commitment to budget support. This briefing paper aims to contribute to clarifying the main issues raised in our workshops around the potential benefits and risks of budget support as implemented by the EC. It is hoped that this briefing paper can contribute to improving the general level of understanding about Budget Support and identify means to improve its implementation. 

    Whither EC Aid?’ is an independent, joint ActionAid- ECDPM project that aims to contribute to a broader based common understanding of the characteristics, added value and impact of EC development cooperation. After the finalisation of an initial discussion note, the project has entered a consultation phase to stimulate further inputs from stakeholders. Three briefing notes are being issued reflecting the main topics which have been raised in the workshop discussions, these being (1) budget support; (2) the treaty of Lisbon; and (3) division of labour. The briefing notes aim to raise awareness and inspire further analysis on the respective topics, and can be downloaded here.

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