Monthly Highlights from ECDPM’s Talking Points Blog, GREAT Insights, Volume 3, Issue 5 (May 2014)

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    Migration and Mobility in the Africa-EU Partnership: a breakthrough of more of the same? Talking Points, Anna Knoll and Essete Abebe Bekele, 18 April 2014 

    For the migration and mobility partnership between Africa and the EU to lead to real results, cooperation needs to include genuine plans for mobility and overcome a focus on the ‘root’ cause (...)

    Development assistance in a multipolar world. Talking Points, Erik Solheim, 17 April 2014 

    In a rapidly changing world with new geopolitical and economic balances of power, development assistance has to adapt. The most important thing is that we are clear about the role development cooperation (...)

    Are Africa and Europe Turning a New Page in Their Relationship? Talking Points, Faten Aggad-Clerx and James Mackie, 11 April 2014

    Seeking to understand the potential impact of a Summit immediately after the event is a perilous task, yet looking at the outcomes of last week’s 4th Africa-EU Summit it is possible to (...)

    Good news from Durban: CAADP getting more results-oriented! Talking Points, Francesco Rampa, 11 April 2014
    Just before travelling to Durban for the annual Partnership Platform of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), I was asking whether such meeting could become a key milestone for the African (...)

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