Talking Points Blog highlights – Great Insights, Volume 4, Issue 5 (August/September 2015)

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    From Universality to European reality? Is the EU up to the job of sustainable consumption and production? Talking Points, Sebastian Große-Puppendahl, 29 July 2015 The principle of ‘Universality’ in the post-2015 development agenda implies that all countries need to contribute to and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals to be agreed this September at the UN General Assembly will apply to everyone. From one grain to another: the rise of rice in West Africa Talking Points, Carmen Torres, 22 July 2015 Last month I flew from Europe to green Abidjan via arid Ouagadougou for the Borderless Alliance annual Conference 2015. Through the plane window I could see the most real and convincing evidence of regional disparities and complementarities amongst West African countries. It strengthened my conviction that, if agricultural development and food security are to be achieved in West Africa, the under-tapped potential for regional collaboration and integration has to be unlocked. FFD3 – a steady start to a rocky road ahead? Talking Points, James Mackie, 17 July 2015 If the degree of consensus achieved in the Third Financing for Development Conference (FFD3) process is anything to go by, the omens look good for the post-2015 agenda and the agreements that need to be achieved for a new set of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Improving the business climate in developing countries: a realistic goal or another holy grail? Talking Points, Paul Engel and Bruce Byiers, 15 July 2015 This blog was originally posted by Platform OiO (Ondernemen in Ontwikkelingslanden), a digital platform that provides information about doing business in new markets to Dutch entrepreneurs. The Dutch policy in support of private sector development in developing countries puts the private sector where it ought to be: at the Centre. But it also demands that businesses take responsibility beyond their own development.

    This article was published in GREAT Insights Volume 4, Issue  5 (August/September 2015).

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