Lomé Negotiation Brief: Exploring ACP Responses to the EU Proposal for Regional Economic Partnership Agreements

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    Lomé Negotiating Briefs are produced by the European Centre of Development Policy Management (ECDPM), an independent foundation with links to both the ACP and the EU. They are designed to provide information on key issues relating to the upcoming EU-ACP negotiations.

    LNB 4: Exploring ACP responses to the EU proposal for Regional Economic Partnership Agreements

    On 19-20 November 1998, the ACP Secretariat, the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung and ECDPM organised a seminar on ACP-EU trade negotiations. ACP and EU trade experts, as well as representatives of several ACP regional bodies, met with ACP ambassadors at ACP House in Brussels. A previous trade experts’ seminar had focused on the EU position and possible alternatives (see Lomé Negotiating Brief 1). This one focused on the ACP negotiating position.

    This Brief presents the main conclusions of those two days. It was prepared by Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte, with Jean Bossuyt, Geert Laporte, Kathleen Van Hove and Peter Ballantyne. Peter Gakunu, Edwini Kessie and Chris Stevens provided additional comments. Invited experts attended the seminar in their personal capacities and their views did not reflect the formal positions of any party.

    Overview of all issues of the Lomé Negotiating Brief

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