How does gender affect migration?

Migration is one of the key political issues in Europe today, but little attention is given to the impact that gender has on migration patterns. New research is revealing that gender has an influence on an individual’s decision to move, the way they choose to do it and how their movement is perceived by the old and new communities.

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    For the second episode of ECDPM’s podcast series 'Minding the gap: conversations on gender', Jamie Slater is joined by Omolola Smaria Olarinde, a researcher at the forefront of work on gender and migration, to discuss the latest findings and what this might mean for the way we understand migration and migration policy.

    She will be presenting research from DYNAMIG: a three-year project with input from ECDPM that aims to create a more thorough understanding of how people make decisions on whether and how to migrate, to what extent the diverse experiences of migrants are taken into consideration when migration policies are made, and how effective these policies are in shaping migrants’ decisions and behaviour.


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    00:00 - Gender and migration: myths and differences

    07:50 - Women as more than victims

    09:10 - Decolonising research and research surprises

    14:25 - What do we still not know?

    About the podcast series


    'Minding the gap: conversations on gender' is ECDPM's podcast series entirely devoted to shedding light on topics in which gender is often overlooked, but where promising lessons are emerging. 

    Who is a gender expert? Why is it important to engage men and boys in fighting for gender equality? How are women empowerment, climate action, and urban development interlinked?

    Throughout the episodes, you will hear from researchers, activists and experts working in Europe, Africa and the MENA region to gain insights into what we can collectively do to build a society based on gender equality.


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