European Report on Development (ERD) 2011-2012 – Confronting Scarcity: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and sustainable growth

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    By 2030 demand for food, water and energy is expected to rise by 30-40%. Population growth, together with a growing middle class in emerging and developing nations, will put worldwide food production and security under extreme pressure. In the context of increasing resource scarcity and climate change, effective natural resources management is ripe for a major development policy discussion. This project undertakes the preparation of an the European Report on Development 2012 researching this issue with the objective of presenting a report on effective natural resources management for sustainable and inclusive growth in the run up to the next RIO+20 Earth Summit in 2012.

    The 2011-2012 European Report on Development, the third such report to be published by the EU, will focus on how natural resource management can promote sustainable and inclusive growth. Within this overall theme the report will depart from a contextual analysis of increasing scarcity and the effects of climate change, and will explore the actual and possible roles of public and private actors (both for-profit and non-profit) as they engage in the management of water, energy and land, resources.

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    'Confronting scarcity: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and sustainable growth'

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