ECDPM Knowledge Management and Communications Strategy 2012-2016: Communicating ideas for positive development outcomes

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    This document sets out the major points of ECDPM’s new Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Strategy 2012–2016. As such, it complements ECDPM’s overall corporate strategy for the same period.

    The KMC Strategy has three overall objectives:

    • To support the Centre in using knowledge management and communication strategically to inform and influence key global policies for positive development outcomes
    • To guide the Centre on various KMC-related aspects, including provision of information and publication services, use of modern communication tools for effective outreach, strong corporate profiling, targeted interactions with the media and enhanced internal communications
    • To assist in corporate and programme fundraising

    Principal elements that guide the KMC Strategy

    This KMC Strategy takes into account comments on knowledge management and communication made by the recent external evaluation of the Centre, as well as in-house suggestions and stakeholder feedback. In particular, five main elements guided this Strategy’s formulation:

    • Building on the past and consolidating what has worked well for the Centre
    • Further improving outreach and external communications, with a special focus on strategic use of digital technologies
    • Strengthening our digital and non-digital monitoring, evaluation and reporting
    • Enhancing collaboration, sharing, information storage and learning for knowledge creation
    • Staying abreast of new KMC approaches and technological developments

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