Cotonou Infokit: The EC Reform and the ACP

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    Designed for policy makers, practitioners and interested stakeholders in ACP and EU countries, the Cotonou Infokit provides basic information about the new Cotonou Partnership Agreement


    Introducing the Cotonou Agreement

    1. This Infokit 
    2. The Cotonou Agreement at a glance
    3. History and evolution of ACP-EU cooperation
    4. Innovations in the Cotonou Agreement
    5. Some basic facts
    6. The institutions
    7. The instruments

    Actors in the partnership

    8. Opportunities and challenges
    9. Participating in programming
    10. Obtaining resources
    11. Building capacities
    12. Organising to participate

    Trade and economic partnership

    13. From Lomé to Cotonou
    14. Regional economic partnership agreements
    15. ACP-EU trade negotiations after Cotonou

    Private sector development

    16. New policy towards private sector
    17. Instruments for the private sector

    Politics of the partnership

    18. Towards a stronger political partnership
    19. Political dialogue
    20. Essential and fundamental elements
    21. Performance based partnership

    Managing the partnership

    22. The reform of EC external assistance
    23. The EC reform and the ACP 

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