Comparing the positions of the EU and the AUC: Two possible models for the Africa-EU Platform on Governance?

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    • This second note seeks to compare and contrast the draft positions of the EU and the AUC on the envisaged Platform for Dialogue on governance. In doing so, it adopts a comprehensive perspective by looking at how parties see the Platform in all its dimensions, starting from the added value to other critical dimensions such as the type of actors to be involved, the integration of the Platform in the existing institutional set-up (particularly its distinctive role and status compared to the iJEG), the process approach to be followed, etc.  These various aspects are intimately linked and it is their interaction that will ultimately shape the way the Platform operates and performs. 
    • In this comparative analysis it seems also useful to make the link with the five strategic challenges raised in the overall background document (Note nr 1). To what extent have parties addressed these challenges in their respective position papers?
    • The expected outcome of this global comparative analysis is threefold:
    1. Understanding the small print of the various positions
    2. Exploring areas of convergence and divergence
    3. Identifying possible models for organising the Platform
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