Changing Aid Modalities in Tanzania

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    The year 2005 will not only enter the history books as the year in which the donor community again committed itself to increasing the volume of development aid, but also as the year in which donors pledged to transform the ways in which aid is planned, delivered and evaluated. One of the documents in which donors have joined with partner countries in committing themselves to this transformation is the 2005 Paris Declaration. This Brief takes a look at the way in which these changes are currently being made in Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the largest of the 77 ACP countries and its relations with donors have undergone a number of important changes since the 1960s - changes which have at times influenced many other develop- ing countries. Besides describing the process of changing aid modalities, this Brief also comments on the large amounts of time, resources and (political) commitment that both donors and the government will need to invest in the new framework, in cooperation with key stakeholders from Tanzanian society. Read Policy Management Brief 17
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