2011-2012 ECDPM Work Plan

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    ECDPM was among the first to recognise the rapidly evolving and widening global development agenda. In July 2009 a mid-term review was done of the ECDPM Strategy 2007-11, as a result of which the Centre introduced a number of changes. ECDPM will continue to build upon its long-term strategy, its niche as an independent broker in ACP-EU cooperation and its programmatic focus on economic and trade cooperation, on development policy and international relations, and on governance.

    But within that framework ECDPM has realigned its work to reflect developments in the global agenda, taking into account the changing roles of the European Union and the ACP, and of their respective member states. In light of the clear strategic priorities formulated by the ACP Group, ECDPM programmes can now focus even better to address both continuity and change.

    ECDPM management will stick to its overall objectives and its commitment to improve strategic focus, effectiveness and impact, to guarantee operational independence as a foundation, and to strengthen and intensify partnerships with policy actors in Europe and in the ACP.

    In 2011, the 25th anniversary year of ECDPM, an independent external evaluation team will assess the implementation, outcomes and impact of the Centre’s work during the strategic plan period 2007-11. Its report will provide the basis for formulating a new strategic plan for 2012-16.

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