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Work in Progress: Productive Employment and Transformation in Uganda

Publications | Published on 12-03-2015

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers

Key messages: Agricultural contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) has been declining in Uganda [...]


EC Support to Production and Trade Adjustments under Existing Nationally Programmed Aid Activities: Lessons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Publications | Published on 29-10-2013

Responding to the challenges that ACP producers face in adjusting to trade liberalisation is a quest [...]


Resilience and high performance amidst conflict, epidemics and extreme poverty: The Lacor Hospital, northern Uganda

Publications | Published on 12-11-2013

Volker Hauck

A case study prepared for the project 'Capacity, Change and Performance .This case study looks at th [...]


Helping refugees become self-reliant: the Ugandan model

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 05-02-2018

Uganda's refugee policies should serve as a model, but challenges remain in helping refugees become [...]

Partnering for better quality coffee

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 09-03-2015

While Uganda is one of the world s largest producers of coffee, the local industry has faced challen [...]

Africans Doing Business in Africa: The Impact of a Midsized Private Company on the Ugandan Economy

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 12-06-2014

Uganda is among the fastest growing countries in Africa with average GDP growth of 7% over the last [...]

Video: BarefootLaw founder Gerald Abila shares his story

Multimedia | Published on 25-06-2017

Geert Laporte

On 21 June, the founders of BarefootLaw, winners of the King Baudouin African Development Prize, joi [...]

Pamphile Sebahara's external publications and contributions

Pages | Published on 13-03-2019

The story of Barefoot Law: An impressive example of African entrepreneurship

Events | Published on 07-06-2017

Kathleen van Hove

To register for the debate, please fill in this google form. Lunchtime discussion with Gerard Abila [...]

African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) 20th Annual Senior Policy Seminar (SPSXX)

Events | Published on 14-03-2018

Bruce Byiers

African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) will be hold [...]