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4th Global Meeting of the International Dialogue

Events | Published on 13-06-2014

Frauke de Weijer

New Deal Working Group The Implementation Working Group (IWG) will provide an opportunity for member [...]

The EU’s new diplomats for Africa

Publications | Published on 31-10-2013

Andrew Sherriff

Nicholas Westcott was appointed the EEAS Managing Director for Africa and thus heads the service s A [...]

Early Warning Watch List Briefing: Conflicts To Watch In 2014

Events | Published on 27-05-2014

Andrew Sherriff

International Crisis Group (ICG) and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO) will organise [...]

The challenge of measuring peace and security

Publications | Published on 18-08-2015

The inclusion of Goal 16 in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflects the growing i [...]

The Practical Norms of real governance in Africa

Blog | Published on 08-04-2011

I attended a Seminar and Masterclass at the Institute of Development Policy and Management, Universi [...]

Prosperity for peace

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 04-02-2016

Pamela O’Hanlon Díaz (Alumna) | San Bilal | Volker Hauck

Download GREAT Insights Editorial Dr. San Bilal and Volker Hauck - Head of Economic Transformation P [...]


Evaluation of the implementation of the African Peace Facility 2014-2016

Publications | Published on 23-03-2018

James Mackie | Matthias Deneckere | Volker Hauck

The African Peace Facility (APF) is the European Union s main instrument to address peace and securi [...]

New Deal for Fragile States Needs Time and Political Commitment to Flourish

Blog | Published on 17-04-2014

Some claim the 2011 Busan agreement is already in crisis, but statebuilding demands patience, resour [...]

Security Policies of France in West Africa

Publications | Published on 01-11-2013

Geert Laporte

Presentation transcript1. Security Policies of France in West AfricaSeminar on Security policies in [...]

EPA Update, GREAT Insights, Volume 2, Issue 8 (November 2013)

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 29-11-2013

Quentin de Roquefeuil (Alumnus)

All ACPEU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht last week travelled to South Africa, Cameroon and Cote d [...]