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Trade and Development Symposium

Events | Published on 24-11-2015

Francesco Rampa | Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna) | San Bilal | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

The Trade and Development Symposium will feature a series of high-level plenaries that will bring to [...]

Agricultural Trade and Rural Development: Duet or Solo Playing

Events | Published on 01-12-2015

Francesco Rampa | Paul Engel (Alumnus) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

In line with the general concept of the Annual General Assemblies of the Global Donor Platform for R [...]

Video: Starting from girls: they are the source to trigger a change!

Multimedia | Published on 17-07-2015

Francesco Rampa | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

Save the Children Italia organised on 3 July a dialogue around the policy strategies in place for ad [...]

Linking Food Security and Climate Change in Africa: What Role for the Private Sector?

Events | Published on 08-10-2015

Ewald Wermuth | Francesco Rampa | Hanne Knaepen | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

By invitation only With a focus on Africa, this Partners in Dialogue Session, to be held in Brussels [...]

The Future of Farming and Food Security in Africa

Events | Published on 14-04-2015

Ewald Wermuth | Francesco Rampa | Jeske van Seters | Paul Engel (Alumnus) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

More than 500 million family farms manage the majority of the world s agricultural land and produce [...]

Tenth WTO Ministerial Conference

Events | Published on 07-12-2015

Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

The WTO's 10th Ministerial Conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 15 to 18 December 2015. I [...]

EDD15 - EU Security & Foreign Policy Strategy

Multimedia | Published on 24-07-2015

Rhys Williams (Alumnus) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

Interview Cristina Barrios (Senior Analyst, EUISS) and State Secretary Thomas Silberhorn. European D [...]

European Development Days 2015 - Public policy, migration and development

Multimedia | Published on 30-07-2015

Anna Knoll | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

ECDPM's Anna Knoll interviews David Khoudour of the OECD on the interaction between public policy, m [...]

Infographic: Making agriculture in Africa "climate-smart"

Multimedia | Published on 06-11-2015

Hanne Knaepen | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

Africa will be the hardest hit by climate change. Up to 9 in 10 Africans work in agriculture, but ag [...]

Video: Making agriculture in Africa "climate-smart"

Multimedia | Published on 27-11-2015

Hanne Knaepen | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

Africa will be the hardest hit by climate change. Its impact is already being felt. Because of the i [...]