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Friends, partners or rivals? The UK election manifestos and the space for foreign policy cooperation with the EU

Blog | Published on 29-11-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Chloe Teevan

Predicting the future in the twists and turns of UK politics and Brexit is for the brave or the fool [...]

Can the new European Commission be truly geopolitical, innovative and flexible without the right amount of money?

Blog | Published on 25-11-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Mariella Di Ciommo

The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the EU s long-term budget for 2021-2027, will not be [...]

Mission possible? The Geopolitical Commission and the partnership with Africa

Publications | Published on 28-10-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Chloe Teevan

The new European Commission takes office against a backdrop of global challenges emanating from near [...]


First thoughts on the European elections and development policy

Blog | Published on 27-05-2019

Alexei Jones | Andrew Sherriff | Mariella Di Ciommo

The European elections present a new, more fragmented, although not revolutionary Parliament. The fu [...]

Investing in Europe's global role: The must-have guide for the negotiations of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027

Publications | Published on 29-04-2019

Andrew Sherriff

Want to share this page? Use our short URL In 2019, a new European Parliam [...]


Who’s interested in the EU’s open invitation to join a post-Cotonou Agreement?

Blog | Published on 29-03-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Emmanuel De Groof

The negotiations for the successor to the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA) are ongoing and, this [...]

Bologna Peacebuilding Forum: Shifting roles, changing rules

Events | Published on 26-03-2019

Andrew Sherriff

The topic of this forum is 'power and peace: the shifting role of civil societies and political inst [...]

Four opportunities to give to gender the importance it deserves in EU policy and external spending

Blog | Published on 04-03-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Noemi Cascone

Many think that changing the direction of the EU policy 'oil tanker ship is virtually impossible and [...]

Finding a new point of departure for the future of UK-EU development cooperation after Brexit

Blog | Published on 21-01-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Emmanuel De Groof

On Tuesday 15 January, the draft withdrawal agreement - the result of 18 months of intense negotiati [...]

The European Union and the United Nations need each other more than ever

Blog | Published on 17-12-2018

Andrew Sherriff | Pauline Veron

In the past few months, the EU institutions have consistently expressed their support to the UN and [...]