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Dirty deals and taxing truths: What do recent high-level commitments mean for tax and extractive industry transparency in developing countries?

Blog | Published on 28-06-2013

Following the usual pre-Summit wonk-up, G8 leaders gathered in Lough Erne last week. Amid burning is [...]

Southern Mediterranean NGOs and the quest for a new social contract in the region

Blog | Published on 22-06-2012

Few would question the importance of civil society s role in the events of the Arab Spring, especial [...]

[VIDEO] Klaus Rudischhauser on EU development aid: where to and what for?

Blog | Published on 31-05-2013

In this ECDPM video, Klaus Rudischhauser, Deputy Director-General for Policy and Thematic Coordinati [...]

EU position for Busan takes shape

Blog | Published on 29-07-2011

At its meeting on 13 July, the European Parliament s Development Committee held an exchange of views [...]

The ACP and Europe: What Future for a Privileged Relationship?

Blog | Published on 20-05-2011

Geert Laporte

When it was signed in 2000, the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the 79-member African, Caribbe [...]

Managing European talent in EU external action: Hasn’t Brexit already served as a wake-up call?

Blog | Published on 21-10-2016

In the third of a series of three blog posts (see the first blog and the second blog) ahead of the p [...]

De EU als reddingsboei: prioriteiten voor een positief multilateralisme

Blog | Published on 16-10-2018

James Mackie

Op 17 and 18 oktober 2018 organiseert ECDPM samen met de andere leden van de European Think Tanks Gr [...]

Towards a ‘normalisation’ of ACP-EU relations

Blog | Published on 17-06-2011

Over the past couple of years, new global players underscored their ascendance in the world order. E [...]

The EU to the rescue: priorities for a positive multilateralism

Blog | Published on 16-10-2018

James Mackie

On 17 and 18 October 2018, ECDPM, together with the other members of the European Think Tanks Group [...]

ODA Reform: Change for the Sake of Change?

Blog | Published on 24-03-2014

+++ Guest post by William Hynes+++Official Development Assistance (ODA) has for 45 years been the gl [...]