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SADC industrialisation: Where regional agendas meet domestic interests

Publications | Published on 08-10-2018

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | Sean Woolfrey

This paper looks at the political economy dynamics around regional industrialisation policy in the S [...]


Regional markets, politics and value chains: The case of West African cement

Publications | Published on 07-09-2017

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | Karim Karaki

This study points to the need to view cement not just as a background story to more important develo [...]


Make regional integration in Africa work… better

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 14-07-2016

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom

A recent study by ECDPM on the Political Economy of Regional Integration in Africa, tried to identif [...]

Cautious optimism about regional integration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons and way forward (PERIA seminar 4)

Events | Published on 02-05-2016

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | Kathleen van Hove

PERIA lunch seminar series As part of the series of lunch seminars on the political economy of regio [...]


The political economy of regional integration in Africa - Synthesis report

Publications | Published on 01-04-2016

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | San Bilal | Sean Woolfrey

Together with Palladium and the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi, ECDPM undertook a big research project f [...]


Understanding the political economy of regional organisations in Africa (PERIA seminar 1)

Events | Published on 25-03-2016

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | Kathleen van Hove | San Bilal

PERIA lunch seminar series Few will contest the importance of regional integration in Africa. Yet, t [...]


Thinking and working politically: The need for more politically-smart programming

Events | Published on 10-12-2015

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom

The main purpose of this workshop will be: To introduce the concept and the rationale for thinking a [...]

A five lenses framework for analysing the political economy in regional integration

Publications | Published on 18-05-2015

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom

Key messages: Regional cooperation and regional integration are often complex processes with seeming [...]


Political Drivers of Africa’s Regional Economic Integration: Lessons from the Maputo and North-South Corridors

Publications | Published on 12-03-2015

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom

Regional and especially economic integration holds potential and strong benefits for Africa. But thi [...]


Regional Integration (part 2) - Ubuntu in a Cui Bono World?

Commentaries | Published on 05-12-2014

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom

The recent University of Cape Town Building Bridges workshop on regional integration raised the impo [...]