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African power pools: Regional energy, national power

Publications | Published on 18-02-2019

Alfonso Medinilla | Bruce Byiers

Despite the continent s natural resource endowment of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, Su [...]


The political economy of regional industrialisation strategies

Publications | Published on 17-12-2018

Bruce Byiers | Sean Woolfrey

Industrial policy is on the rise in Africa. Along with the many African countries that have introduc [...]


SADC industrialisation: Where regional agendas meet domestic interests

Publications | Published on 08-10-2018

Bruce Byiers | Jan Vanheukelom | Sean Woolfrey

This paper looks at the political economy dynamics around regional industrialisation policy in the S [...]


Blurred lines: Cases of EU development and commercial instruments for matchmaking

Publications | Published on 08-06-2016

Bruce Byiers | San Bilal | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

This study takes a closer look at three European private sector support programmes - EuroMed Invest, [...]


Matching businesses, public support and sustainability ambitions

Publications | Published on 03-06-2016

Bruce Byiers | San Bilal | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

In a context where sustainability goals become overarching principles, what then distinguishes publi [...]


Sustainable rural employment or corporate social responsibility? An analysis of dairy partnerships between business and civil society organisations in Tanzania and Kenya

Publications | Published on 30-05-2016

Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

In a context where the development community aims to engage and work with the private sector for dev [...]


Beyond aid in private sector engagement

Publications | Published on 19-05-2016

Bruce Byiers | San Bilal | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

A mapping of the opportunities and challenges of development and commercially-oriented public suppor [...]


CSO-business partnerships for development: Issues & Challenges

Publications | Published on 17-05-2016

Alfonso Medinilla | Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

Building on its work on partnerships, ECDPM took a closer look at the main characteristics and insti [...]


Is the Agenda Viable? Financing the Agenda – what’s new?

Publications | Published on 17-05-2016

Bruce Byiers

Bruce Byiers gave the following presentation at the meeting Bringing the SDGs closer to the citizens [...]


How to assess CSO-business partnerships for development

Publications | Published on 25-01-2016

Bruce Byiers | Francesca Guadagno (Alumna) | Karim Karaki

Key messages: The growing reference to CSO-business partnerships as a 'modality' for development rai [...]