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Labour Migration: From Absentee to a Key Driver in a Global Development Framework?

Publications | Published on 14-11-2013

Anna Knoll

Last week the interior ministers of Germany, United Kingdom, Austria and the Netherlands sent a lett [...]

Insights from Developments in National Policy Coherence for Development Systems: Key Cross Cutting Issues and Dilemmas

Publications | Published on 30-10-2013

Andrew Sherriff | Anna Knoll | Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Brecht Lein (Alumnus) | Florian Krätke (Alumnus) | Greta Galeazzi (Alumna)

The configuration and dynamics of PCD systems and mechanisms vary greatly, depending on a country s [...]


Implementing the Agenda for Change: An independent analysis of the 11th EDF programming

Publications | Published on 22-09-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Anna Knoll | Cecilia Gregersen (Alumna) | Willy Kokolo (Alumnus)

Effectively programming the European Development Fund (EDF) is a major political, policy and bureauc [...]


Understanding African and European perspectives on migration: Towards a better partnership for regional migration governance?

Publications | Published on 23-11-2016

Anna Knoll | Frauke de Weijer

In September 2016, ECDPM organised a Conference in The Hague around the role and ways of partnering [...]


Will a post-2015 development framework acknowledge migration?

Publications | Published on 23-10-2013

Anna Knoll

In October 2013, the second United Nations High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Develo [...]


Migration and Development Policies and Practices

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

Anna Knoll

Migration and its linkages to and impact on human, socio-economic and political development currentl [...]


AU migration governance: non-aligned views on migration governance in Africa

Publications | Published on 04-12-2017

Anna Knoll

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play i [...]

Putting Policy Coherence for Development into Perspective

Publications | Published on 06-11-2013

Anna Knoll | Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Down to business with Policy Coherence for Development in Switzerland: commodities, migration and ta [...]


Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development and the SDGs: Towards implementing Agenda 2030

Publications | Published on 26-01-2016

Anna Knoll

The Foundation Max van der Stoel together with WordenDaad are leading a series of workshops to infor [...]


Migration and Mobility: Integral Part of Sustainable Development

Publications | Published on 14-10-2014

Anna Knoll

Migration and Mobility is a defining issue for development, interlinked with among others such as ed [...]