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Supporting Domestic Accountability in Developing Countries: Taking Stock of the Approaches and Experiences of German Development Cooperation in Peru

Discussion Paper 112

May 2011

Hackenberg, R. 2011. Supporting domestic accountability in developing countries. Taking stock of the approaches and experiences of German development cooperation in Peru (ECDPM Discussion Paper 112). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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Germany has supported Peru with sector budget support, in particular in the area of governance. Its approach is multi-level, with interventions at the national, regional, and local levels. The most relevant activities of German development cooperation in strengthening domestic accountability systems aim at reinforcing the budget process and decentralisation, through both the technical cooperation of GTZ and the financial cooperation provided by KfW. Moreover, the Ombudsman Office has been supported by GTZ in fighting corruption and in monitoring social conflicts. CIM, DED, InWEnt and German NGOs are also involved in strengthening domestic accountability and Deutsche Welle has supported media development with training for investigative journalists. With the positive exception of the cooperation between KfW and GTZ in supporting the follow-up of the Public Financial Management Performance Report, no formal cooperation could be identified between German development agencies in supporting domestic accountability in Peru. 

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