Making policies work

Bruce Byiers

  • Political economy of development reforms
  • Business facilitation
  • Domestic resource mobilisation
  • Regional integration processes
  • Developing country export promotion
  • Enterprise devleopment / private sector development
  • Industrialisation policy
  • Tax policy


Dr. Bruce Byiers is a development economist with a DPhil from the University of Sussex. Originally from Scotland, he heads the African Institutions and Regional Dynamics Programme of the Economic and Agricultural Transformation programme at ECDPM, where he has been working since May 2011.

While past work has focused a lot on strategies and policies for private sector development and engagement, his interests and responsibilities increasingly revolve around regional integration processes in Africa, particularly from a political economy perspective. This includes looking at regional organisations, but also at regional economic integration dynamics. Bruce has carried out policy research for ECDPM in many countries in Eastern, Western and Southern Africa.

Prior to ECDPM, Bruce worked as a consultant for UNIDO, USAID, World Bank and DANIDA, among others. The focus of his work was mainly on industrial policy, private sector development and tax policy, particularly in Mozambique, Rwanda and Lesotho.

Bruce also worked in the Mozambican Ministry of Planning and Development/Finance for five years, partly as an ODI Fellow and subsequently as a consultant and researcher in the Macro-economic Projections Unit of the National Budget Directorate, and the Directorate for Policy Studies and Analysis. As well as English, he is fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Member of the ECDPM management team
  • To work on developing work programmes and analytical content relating to the above areas
  • To help identify funding opportunities, develop funding proposals and, to effectively secure funds for assigned projects and/or policy facilitation activities
  • To develop knowledge on key policy issues through assembling content, doing research and brokering knowledge

Pre-ECDPM assignments

  • IBF International Consulting, Economic Development Sector Manager, Belgium
  • Independent consultant, assignments for UNIDO, DfID, World Bank, World Bank, DANIDA, and AUSAID in Mozambique, Rwanda, and Lesotho
  • Oxford Policy Management, consultant on Public Expenditure Management Reforms, Mozambique
  • ODI Fellow, National Directorate of Planning and Finance, Mozambique
  • Assistant researcher, Fernand Braudel Institute for the World Economy, Brazil

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    Bruce Byiers

    Head of African Institutions and Regional Dynamics Programme | Economic and Agricultural Transformation Programme


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    English, French, Spanish, Portuguese


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