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Anna Knoll

  • Migration and Development
  • EU migration policies and migration in EU development cooperation
  • Europe-Africa international cooperation on migration and displacement
  • African policies and strategies on migration
  • European external action
  • Security-development nexus and its link to displacement and migration


Anna Knoll, a German national, is Head, Migration and mobility.

Anna’s interests and expertise lie in the field of migration in international cooperation between Africa and Europe.

With an academic background in Philosophy and Economics (BA, University of Bayreuth) and in International Political Economy (MSc, London School of Economics) her current research focuses on the interaction between migration, displacement and development processes, the external and development dimension of the EU’s migration and asylum policies, migration in European development policies as well as African narratives, policies and processes on migration.

Anna has carried out policy relevant research for ECDPM including field research in a number of African countries. She has experience in research design and implementation. Next to her role at ECDPM, she is currently pursuing a part-time PhD at the Maastricht School of Governance.

Prior to joining ECDPM, Anna has worked as German Fellow at the UN World Food Programme and as Stagiaire at the European Commission.


Anna coordinates and leads ECDPM’s work on Migration and has responsibility for developing analytical content relating to above areas, supervision, strategic leadership, fundraising and external representation on the topic of migration.  As part of the Programme Management level she shares collective responsibility for strategy, quality and fundraising.

Pre-ECDPM Assignments

  • Stagiaire at European Commission, DG Trade, Trade and Development, Unit Economic Partnership Agreements – Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, Overseas Countries and Territories, Brussels
  • Fellow at United Nations World Food Programme, Learning and Performance Management, Rome
  • Research Intern at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to South Korea, Seoul

External publications and contributions

    The EU's migration agenda - what about legal migration pathways?

    Great Insights Magazine | Published on 05-02-2018

    Focus on Migration: Moving backward, moving forward? - Editorial

    Great Insights Magazine | Published on 05-02-2018

    A Challenging Road Ahead

    Great Insights Magazine | Published on 13-12-2013

    Anna Knoll

    Head, Migration and mobility




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