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Podcast: Interview with Alexander De Croo, Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation, in the margins of #FFD3

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‘The risk of not taking risks in development cooperation’

ECDPM’s James Mackie interviews Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Development Cooperation in the margins of the Finance for Development meeting in Addis Ababa on 14 July, 2015.

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In the margins of the Financing for Development conference, James Mackie interviewed the Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation, Alexander De Croo. They discussed how to manage the risks inherent in providing development cooperation assistance to developing and fragile states. De Croo said that there is indeed concern from parliaments and the public about providing development assistance to these countries.

But the risk of not doing something is the biggest risk you can take, he said. To eradicate poverty in 2030, we have to invest in the ‘bottom billion’ now. And in dialogue with partners countries, we need to try to lower the amount of risks in order to ensure effective cooperation in areas like domestic resource mobilisation, foreign direct investment, and remittances.

Photo courtesy of Michiel Hendryckx, song ‘Dimmy’ courtesy of Podington Bear.

This item is featured in our dossier on financing for development.


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