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GREAT Insights Podcast: Chinese Investments In Africa

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Welcome to this month’s GREAT Insights podcast – In this programme we have two in-depth interviews focussing on Chinese investments in Africa.

Emerging economies have been playing an increasing role in the global arena, and have thus justifiably attracted an increasing level of attention. Moving beyond stereotypes and pre-conceived perceptions has however proved quite challenging. China, as the dominant new actor in Africa, has been the focus of much of the talks.

Later, Anna Rosengren from the Economic Transformation team here at ECDPM asks China-Africa researcher Solange Guo Chatelard about the integration of Chinese farmers and farming practices in Zambia.

But firstly I am joined by Professor Tang from Tsinghua University in Beijing who explains if Chinese Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have been successful or not in several African countries.

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