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Multimedia overview

Climate Adaptations Talks – Episode 1: Professor Saleemul Huq

  • Catarina Farinha
  • Hanne Knaepen
  • Virginia Mucchi

In this podcast series, which features episodes in English and French, we want to explore the strategies that different countries are using to adapt to an increasingly volatile climate. In each episode ...

Adaptation in the Africa-Europe context: A point of divergence?

  • Hanne Knaepen

On 30 July 2020, ECDPM’s Hanne Knaepen appeared on Cimpatico Studios’ show to talk about the European Green New Deal and climate adaptation in the Europe-Africa context. Our work on climate change ...

Crunching the numbers of the long-term EU budget

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

How does the EU’s long-term budget from 2014 to 2020 compare with the one proposed for the next one? And how do the numbers put forth by the European Commission so far ...

Portraying the realities of indigenous vegetables in Tanzania

  • Paulina Bizzotto Molina
  • Valeria Pintus

What role do indigenous vegetables play in the daily life of those living in and around Arusha in Tanzania? What can different actors do to make sure these vegetables are better integrated ...

European Development Days 2019: Interview with Judicaelle Irakoze on migration

During the 2019 edition of the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels, ECDPM interviewed EDD 2019 Young Leader Judicaelle Irakoze. While there is constant discussion about migration, she urges European and African ...

The future of the EU financial architecture

  • San Bilal

We interviewed Susan Ulbaek, member of the High-level Group of Wise Persons on the European Financial Architecture for Development, to discuss trends and challenges in the EU’s framework for development finance. To ...

Sustainable water management

  • Hanne Knaepen

Access to clean and sustainable water sources is under extreme pressure worldwide. To reduce the impact of pollution, overexploitation and climate change, ECDPM’s Hanne Knaepen suggests cultivation of indigenous vegetables, which require ...

Interview with Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu, Tony Elumelu Foundation

  • Virginia Mucchi

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme empowers African youth by offering grants and entrepreneurship training. We interviewed the foundation’s CEO, who tells us how European stakeholders can help scale up the programme.

Towards a sustainable African agri-food sector: The Task Force Rural Africa

  • Francesco Rampa

The Task Force for Rural Africa – a group of 11 experts, including ECDPM’s Francesco Rampa – delivered its final report on an Africa-Europe agenda for rural transformation to the European Commission ...

Ambassador Mirjam Blaak: ‘What we would like to achieve with the European Union is trade instead of aid.’

  • Virginia Mucchi

In an interview with ECDPM, Ugandan Ambassador Mirjam Blaak looks at what 2019 might mean for Africa-Europe relations, stressing the need for a more equal and fair partnership. To find out more ...

Seven facts about the migration compact

ECDPM has been working on the UN global compact for migration for quite some time and it has its own take on what it entails. Recently there have been a lot of ...

Changing Europe: How does it affect peacebuilding?

  • Nina Thijssen
  • Pauline Veron

For the past 1.5 years, we have mapped the factors determining peacebuilding efforts by the EU and several of its member states. Our interactive tool guides you through all the studies, infographics, ...

Documentary: Towards a #ZeroHunger future with Africa’s forgotten treasures

  • Francesco Rampa

The growth of the world’s population from seven to nine billion by 2050 and the devastating effects of climate change increase the risks in global food production. Our SASS (sustainable agrifood systems ...


  • Mariella Di Ciommo

ФОРМИРОВАНИЕ БУДУЩЕЙ СТРУКТУРЫ ВЗАИМОДЕЙСТВИЯ ЕС С ПЕРЕДОВЫМИ РАЗВИВАЮЩИМИСЯ СТРАНАМИ Как строится взаимодействие Европейского Союза (ЕС) и развивающихся стран со средним уровнем дохода и передовыми темпами развития (ССУД и СПТР)? Как ЕС может ...

Navegando por novos caminhos na cooperação internacional

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

Buscando construir o relacionamento futuro entre a UE e os países em desenvolvimento mais avançado. Como a União Europeia (UE) se relaciona com países de renda média e países em desenvolvimento mais ...

Abriendo nuevos caminos en cooperación internacional

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

Forjando la futura colaboración entre la UE y los países en desarrollo más avanzados. ¿Cómo colabora la Unión Europea con los países de renta media y países en desarrollo más avanzados? ¿Cómo ...

De nouvelles voies pour la coopération internationale

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

Établir le cadre du futur engagement de l’UE avec les pays en développement plus avancés Quelles relations entre l’Union européenne (UE) et les pays à revenu intermédiaire et les pays en développement ...

Sailing new waters in the cooperation between the EU and more advanced developing countries

  • Mariella Di Ciommo
  • Valeria Pintus

Over the last decades, the world moved from one in which a majority of poor developing countries co-existed with a handful of rich countries, into one in which many developing countries have ...

How does the European Union engage with middle-income and more advanced developing countries?

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

How does the European Union (EU) engage with middle-income and more advanced developing countries (MICs and MADCs)? How can the EU improve its future engagement? The current debate is too ambivalent and ...

Video: The EU’s future engagement with more advanced developing countries

  • Mariella Di Ciommo

In this interview, Mariella Di Ciommo, one of the authors of a recent study published by ECDPM on the future of EU’s engagement with more advanced developing countries, tells us why it is ...

An insider’s perspective on Africa-Europe relations

  • Virginia Mucchi

In this interview, after six years spent working as the African Union’s representative to the EU, Ambassador Ajay Bramdeo shares his views on the current relationship between Africa and Europe.

Video: SASS – Our work on Sustainable Food Systems

  • Francesco Rampa

Our work on Sustainable Food Systems for Sustainable Development – Sistemi Alimentari e Sviluppo Sostenibile (SASS) SASS is a consortium project between ECDPM and four Italian universities (UNIPV, UNICATT, UNIMIB & UNISG), ...

Video: Gerald Abila shares his story – How BarefootLaw brings access to justice to the people of Uganda

  • Geert Laporte

On 21 June, the founders of BarefootLaw, winners of the King Baudouin African Development Prize, joined us at ECDPM to share their story and discuss the role of young people in shaping ...

European Development Days 2017 – ECDPM’s highlights

During the 2017 edition of the European Development Days (EDD17), we had the opportunity to meet a range of different actors and learn about several projects and initiatives from the field of ...

Trade implications of Brexit for developing countries

  • San Bilal

Now that the UK has triggered Article 50 to leave the European Union, we witness growing speculation about their future relations. Yet, the implications of Brexit go beyond Europe and will significantly ...

Animation: Policy coherence for sustainable development

With the advent of the 2030 Agenda, the principle of policy coherence has been extended to cover the whole scope of sustainable development. PCSD, policy coherence for sustainable development, has thus become ...

Video: Policy coherence for sustainable development

  • James Mackie

With the advent of the 2030 Agenda, the principle of policy coherence has been extended to cover the whole scope of sustainable development. PCSD, policy coherence for sustainable development, has thus become ...

Animation: Empowering women in Africa – A crucial step to achieving food security

  • Hanne Knaepen

Girls and young women represent a crucial invisible labour force in the developing world. They play a key role as producers of food, managers of natural resources, income earners, and main caregivers ...

Interactive map: Estimated assessed contribution of each member state of the AU

  • Luckystar Miyandazi
  • Philomena Apiko
  • Yaseena Chiu-van ‘t Hoff

This interactive map illustrates the estimated assessed contribution of each member state of the African Union. Click on “Read now” to access the interactive features.

How can we do regional integration in Africa differently?

  • Bruce Byiers

Few will contest the importance of regional integration in Africa, but the reality on the ground does not match the ambition and the political declarations. In this video, ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers explains ...

African Union ‘Friday’s of the Commission’: Future of #ACPEU Relations

On Tuesday 8 December 2015 the African Union Commission organised a special ‘Fridays of the Commission’ session on the future of ACP-EU relations – in partnership with ECDPM and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ...

Video: Resource-based industrialisation and global value chains in Africa

The African continent is taking a series of steps to upgrade its participation in global value chains while harnessing its resources for economic transformation. ECDPM organised this session December 2015, in the ...

Francesco Rampa on BBC Worldwide

  • Francesco Rampa

Francesco Rampa, head of food security at ECDPM, discusses agricultural exports and the challenges facing the WTO Ministerial conference in Nairobi, Kenya. #MC10Nairobi

Infographic: The future of ACP-EU relations

The Cotonou partnership agreement between the group of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union (EU) will come to an end in 2020. Discussions about a future partnership are already ...

Podcast: The future of ACP-EU relations – The view of the African diaspora

ECDPM caught up with Ms. Marie Chantal Uwitonze, President of the African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE) to discuss the future of ACP-EU relations beyond 2020 from the point of view of ...

Video: Making agriculture in Africa “climate-smart”

  • Hanne Knaepen

Africa will be the hardest hit by climate change. Its impact is already being felt. Because of the important connection between agriculture and climate, and the fact that the majority of the ...

Video: Betty Maina on Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals

Betty Maina, member of the UN High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and board member at ECDPM, explains how can the Sustainable Development Goals be implemented in the African continent.

Video: From millions to trillions: how the EU’s AgriFI hopes to trigger private investment in smallholder farmers

Using taxpayers’ money to trigger investment in smallholder farmers and small and medium agribusiness enterprises. This is what the EU’s new Agriculture Financing Initiative, AgriFI, is proposing. AgriFI would help reducing the ...

Video: Expert meeting on financing for development

  • Ewald Wermuth
  • James Mackie

Expert meeting on financing for development – The Hague, Netherlands. 28th May 2015.  In order to stimulate and nurture the political and professional debate on the future of development financing, Kaleidos Research ...

Infographic: Making agriculture in Africa “climate-smart”

  • Hanne Knaepen

Africa will be the hardest hit by climate change. Up to 9 in 10 Africans work in agriculture, but agriculture is entirely climate dependent. There is no other option than to make ...

Podcast: The Valletta Summit on migration

  • Anna Knoll

For ECDPM’s latest podcast, Anna Knoll discusses the upcoming Valletta Summit on migration in November 2015. She talks about the European Union (EU) policy on migration and development, and the EU-Africa dialogue on ...

Migration: African and European parliaments tackling violent extremism and terrorism

  • Volker Hauck

African and European parliamentarians have declared their shared expectations of how to support the attainment of peace, security and sustainable development. The Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA) recently organised an ...

Future of ACP-EU post-2020

ECDPM has initiated an independent political economy analysis (PEA) of the ACP-EU partnership and on 30th September 2015 ECDPM, in partnership with the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union, organised a high-level ...

Como é que a UE decide sobre questões pertinentes para a África?

  • Yaseena Chiu-van ‘t Hoff

Quem são os principais atores e quais as instituições que determinam as políticas europeias? O mais recente guia do ECDPM destina-se a um público desejoso de saber mais sobre o processo de ...

Video: Joseph Whittal – EDD15

  • Sophie Desmidt

ECDPM spoke to Joseph Whittal (Deputy Commissioner of Human Rights, Ghana) at this year’s European Development Days. Mr. Whittal called for an African court of Human Rights and for more instruments to ...

Video: ‘Future Leaders’ on young people and social media in development – EDD15

What is the role of young people in the debate on development? They participate in the discussions, Marion Atieno Osieyo, a “Future Leader” at this year’s European Development Days (EDDs) says. However, ...

Video: Thinking and working politically in development

On 8 May 2015, ECDPM hosted its third annual meeting of its Board of Governors, management and institutional partners. The topic of this year’s meeting was ‘Thinking and Working Politically in Development ...

Video: “Superfoods can contribute moving up the value chain in Africa”

What are Africa’s next big achievements? How can industrialisation solve the energy and infrastructure crisis? And what does superfood have to do with moving up the value chain in Africa? Watch the ...

Video: Africa’s too dependent on natural resources. We need more jobs

Africa will double its population by 2050, when it will be adding 47 million young people to the labour market each year. If this population growth is not accompanied by growth in ...

European Development Days 2015 – Public policy, migration and development

  • Anna Knoll

ECDPM’s Anna Knoll interviews David Khoudour of the OECD on the interaction between public policy, migration and development. Key Questions – What were the emerging challenges to establish more coherent policies?  – ...

EDD15 – EU Security & Foreign Policy Strategy

Interview Cristina Barrios (Senior Analyst, EUISS) and State Secretary Thomas Silberhorn. European Development Days 2015. This followed a lab debate entitled ‘Our collective interest? Towards a European strategy for a changing world’ ...

Video: Why African Farmers’ Organisations need to modernise? – Ishmael Sunga, CEO SACAU

  • Francesco Rampa

Farmer organisations play a critical role in ensuring that the complex and dynamic developments that lie ahead “don’t leave smallholder farmers behind, so that they can manage the risks, and opportunities, that ...

Video: How can we engage the private sector in African agriculture? – Irene Visser, NABC

  • Francesco Rampa

“Just with farmers, you are not going to make it,” says Irene Visser, Managing Director of the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC). Interviewed by Francesco Rampa, Head of the Food Security programme at ...

Video: Starting from girls: they are the source to trigger a change!

  • Francesco Rampa

Save the Children Italia organised on 3 July a dialogue around the policy strategies in place for adolescent girls and their role in the context of agriculture, food and nutrition security. The ...

Podcast: Interview with Alexander De Croo, Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation, in the margins of #FFD3

  • James Mackie

‘The risk of not taking risks in development cooperation’ ECDPM’s James Mackie interviews Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Development Cooperation in the margins of the Finance ...

Video: How will the world finance development? The significance of the Addis conference

  • Bruce Byiers
  • Hanne Knaepen
  • San Bilal

What are the different types, sources and volumes of finance that can address the multitude of development challenges across countries and regions at various stages of development? What are the implications of ...

Podcast – Universality and differentiation post-2015

  • Anna Knoll
  • Hanne Knaepen
  • James Mackie

The post-2015 agenda has framed sustainable development as a ‘universal’ project. Rhys Williams, Communications Officer at ECDPM is joined by James Mackie, Sebastian Große-Puppendahl, Anna Knoll and Hanne Knaepen to discuss the ...

Audio: Interview with Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of SAGCOT

  • Francesco Rampa

Francesco Rampa, head of the Food Security programme at ECDPM, interviews Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of the SAGCOT Centre in Tanzania. Together, they discuss public-private partnerships and their role for development in the ...

Podcast – Costs if you do, costs if you don’t: The price of promoting CSR

  • Bruce Byiers

Businesses, including multinational enterprises, increasingly see the need to have a positive social and environmental impact. Usually this takes the form of what’s known as “Corporate Social Responsibility,” or CSR. But what ...

“There is no silver-bullet solution: African strategies need to be innovative and combine different approaches”

  • Kathleen van Hove

With the expected rise in population, Africa has a huge opportunity in the coming decades, says Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of the EMEA Desk at the OECD Development Centre. Asked by ECDPM on ...

The road to #COP21 and beyond

  • Fabien Tondel
  • Hanne Knaepen

See the upcoming opportunities for joint engagements on climate change on the road to COP21 and beyond. Click on the image below to see it enlarged.

European Report on Development 2015 – Infographics

Click on the images to see the full-size infographics. Ecuador country illustration  Mauritius country illustration Enabler: local governance  Enabler: infrastructure Enabler: human capital Enabler: biodiversity Enabler: green energy technology Enabler: trade Policy matters ...

Audio: Nana Osei-Bonsu, CEO Private Enterprise Federation, Ghana, during the 11th CAADP Partnership Platform

  • Francesco Rampa

Francesco Rampa, head of the Food Security programme at ECDPM, had the opportunity to speak with Nana Osei-Bonsu, CEO Private Enterprise Federation in Ghana, on the margins of the last day of ...

African 2015 elections, mineral exporters and socio-economic unrest

  • Yaseena Chiu-van ‘t Hoff

African 2015 elections, mineral exporters and socio-economic unrest   Download (PDF, 574KB)

How Does Africa Speak with One Voice?

  • Anna Knoll
  • Hanne Knaepen

Key Highlights  Africa is increasingly seeking to formulate a common African position ahead of key international events Pathways to common positions are not always pre-defined and evolve depending on the needs that ...

A Guide to EU decision making on Africa

  • Alisa Herrero Cangas

How does the EU make decisions that matter for Africa? Who and what are the main players and institutions that shape European policies? ECDPM’s latest guide is for African audiences eager to ...

Video – Role of the private sector: small and large companies within CAADP

  • Francesco Rampa

Thoughts of people involved in the CAADP process at the ReSAKSS annual meeting held at the African Union in in Addis Ababa. One of the critiques by people, such as smallholder farmers, ...

Infographic: The evolution of ACP-EU relations

  • Andrew Sherriff
  • Yaseena Chiu-van ‘t Hoff

This infographic outlines the key milestones in the evolution of ACP-EU relations from the Treaty of Rome, the establishment of the ACP Group under the Georgetown Agreement and the current day partnership ...

Africa and Europe Combatting Climate Change – Towards a Common Agenda for 2015

  • Hanne Knaepen

Climate change is arguably the worst threat to human development, ever. According to the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, the global temperature will increase by 3° degrees per decade this century under ...

Video Malabo Declaration: Strengthening Commitments to Food and Nutrition Security in Africa

  • Francesco Rampa

Last June, African Heads of State and Government renewed and strengthened their commitment to achieve food and nutrition security on the continent. They adopted a remarkably ambitious set of concrete goals to ...

Video: The Post-Malabo Process Explained by the AUC

  • Francesco Rampa

Last June, African Heads of State and Government renewed and strengthened their commitment to achieve food and nutrition security on the continent. They adopted a remarkably ambitious set of concrete goals to ...

Video Responding to Malabo: Funding Agricultural Development and Role of Smallholders

  • Francesco Rampa

An interview with Robson Mutandi, IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). Filmed at the ReSAKKS annual conference at the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read the report below. — How can ...

Live Policy Debate – Democratisation; What Role for International Development Cooperation?

  • Geert Laporte

Live Policy Debate Democratisation; What Role for International Development Cooperation? Organised by the journal International Development Policy ( The live debate focuses on the role of international development cooperation in democracy promotion ...

Video: CAADP and African Year of Agriculture and Food Security with Mandi Rukuni

  • Francesco Rampa

With Francesco Rampa and Mandi Rukuni, Strategic review panel, member, Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP)

Video: Marcel Vernooij Sustainable Economic Development Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Francesco Rampa

Mr. Vernooij presents policy and priorities that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa) have adopted for its work on sustainable and inclusive economic development. This includes support for an enabling environment ...

Infographic: Why Europe’s problems need global solutions and global problems need European action


The European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) calls for a new global plan for the EU detailed in the report ‘Our Collective Interest: Why Europe’s problems need global solutions and global problems need ...

Seth Kaplan Interview – Poverty in Fragile States

Seth Kaplan explains the meaning behind his book – ‘Betrayed: Politics, Power, and Prosperity (Fixing Fragile States: a New Paradigm for Development)’ Betrayed combines the latest research on poverty and state building ...

Video: GREAT insights September 2013 Reflections on Africa-EU relations

Short interview with Faten Aggad and Isabelle Ramdoo about the September issue of GREAT insights focussing on Africa-EU relations. The edition features articles from José Manuel Barroso – European Commission President and ...

Updates on the CAADP process in RECs – in 3 mins or less

  • Jeske van Seters

Our Food Security team give short updates to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process from the Regional Economic Communities (RECs)  in 3 minutes or less

Video: Ajay Bramdeo, African Union representative at the EU

ECDPM asks the Permanent Representative of the African Union to the European Union: How well does the EU reconcile its political, economic and security interests with its stated values in promoting development, ...

Audio : Le secteur privé et le développement : Etienne Giros, CIAN

  • Bruce Byiers

Bruce Byiers s’entretient avec Etienne Giros du Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique (CIAN) au sujet de la communication de la Commission européenne « Un rôle plus important pour le secteur privé en ...

Video: Scottish Minister on Development Post-2015 and Development Cooperation after Independence

Florian Krätke from ECDPM speaks to Humza Yousaf, MSP, Scottish Government Minister for External Affairs and International Development. Listen to the full podcast here: – Scotland’s role in the post-2015 development discussion ...

Video: Improving Transboundary Cooperation for Agricultural Water Management in SADC – A Practitioners View

Ahead of the 5th Africa Water Week (aww-5) in Dakar, Senegal, from 26 – 31 May 2014, ECDPM spoke with Professor Mike Muller, Commissioner at the South African National Planning Commission about his views ...

Video: “Navel Gazing Does Not Bring You Any New Knowledge” – Thijs Berman MEP

“If the political will exists, the Development Cooperation Instrument can be an effective global player in the issues where the EU can prove its added value – on human rights, democracy, the ...

GREAT Insights Podcast: Chinese Investments In Africa

Welcome to this month’s GREAT Insights podcast – In this programme we have two in-depth interviews focussing on Chinese investments in Africa. Emerging economies have been playing an increasing role in the ...

Video: Poverty in Fragile States: Getting Elites On Board


Lunch Seminar Poverty in Fragile States: Getting Elites On Board Mr. Seth Kaplan Professorial Lecturer, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University Monday 7 April, 12.00-14.00 ...

Video playlist: ETTG 2013 Conference on Africa-EU relations


All interviews carried out during the 2013 European Think-Tanks Group Conference on the future of Africa-EU relations. 1) Interview with Heike Rüttgers Heike is Head of Division of the Portfolio Management and Policy ...

GAIN and ECDPM: Nutrition security through public private partnerships


Video: About the Food Security Programme

  • Fabien Tondel
  • Francesco Rampa
  • Jeske van Seters

Watch this video to learn more about ECDPM’s Food Security Programme.

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) What’s Gone Wrong?

  • San Bilal

  Trade talks set to disrupt Africa-Europe relations. Talks towards free trade between the European Union (EU) and Sub-Saharan African countries could seriously sour the political relations between the two continents and ...

Infographic: how Improved Agricultural Water Management (AWM) is crucial for regional food security

  • Francesco Rampa

This short video illustrates using an infographic the links between water, agriculture and trade in the 15 countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the potential to harness these linkages ...

Infographic: 5 challenges in Africa-EU relations

  • Geert Laporte
  • Yaseena Chiu-van ‘t Hoff

What are the five major challenges in Africa-EU relations?

Défis 2014 – Service européen pour l’action extérieure

Policy Officer ECDPM Dr Damien Helly estime que les suites des élections au Parlement européen en 2014 seront l’un des principaux défis pour les politiques européennes et internationales. Musique – Radiohem by ...

Playlist: Challenges for Africa-EU relations


Ahead of the Africa-EU summit, watch these ECDPM interviews with stakeholders about the challenges for relations in 2014 and for the future. In our latest videos, we speak to Joseph Chilengi, African ...

Video: Owen Barder (CGD): ‘The [EU] institutions need to change’


‘The [EU] institutions need to change’, said the Centre for Global Development’s Owen Barder in an interview with ECDPM at the European Development Days in Brussels. There is a feeling that Europe ...

Video: Making Africa-Europe relations future proof for young people

Alix Masson from the European Youth Forum speaks about the possibilities for cooperation and learning from each other. Youth unemployment is a huge challenge on both continents, but the reasons are completely ...

Video: Interview with Erik Solheim, DAC chair (European Development Days 2013)

  • James Mackie

In an interview with ECDPM at the European Development Days, Erik Solheim, Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) says that “we need a very strong focus on the big aim ...

Video: Bruno Wenn on blending finance for development

Bruno Wenn is the chairman of EDFI, the Association of European Development Finance Institutions with head office in Brussels. EDFI is a group of 15 bilateral institutions. Here he is talking with ...

Video: Debapriya Bhattacharya on the Post-2015 and MDG debate at the European Development Days 2013

  • Anna Knoll

Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya, is a fellow of the Centre for Policy Dialogue and represents the Southern Voice group. Here he is being interviewed by Anna Knoll on questions around the global development ...

Sustainable African agriculture, putting smallholder farmers at the centre of CAADP processes in 2014

  • Francesco Rampa

African and European stakeholders met in Brussels on 28 November 2013 to discuss issues central to sustainable agricultural development and their implications for the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process. Discussions ...

Video: El Khidir Daloum on conflict and post-2015 with Anna Knoll at European Development Days 2013

  • Anna Knoll

El Khidir Daloum is Director of Programmes, Africa and MENA for Saferworld and interviewed by Anna Knoll at the European Development Days in Brussels about peace, security and governance in the post-2015 ...

Carlos Lopes UNECA on Africa-EU relations

  • Geert Laporte

Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) was one of the key speakers at the JAES lunch-time seminar on the future of Africa-EU relations organised by ...

Video: Interview with Joost Oorthuizen, The Sustainable Trade Initiative (European Development Days 2013)

  • Bruce Byiers

Joost Oorthuizen on the Sustainable Trade Initiative, filmed at the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs) with ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers. For more information, go to

Video: Interview with Guillaume Meyssonnier on climate financing (European Development Days 2013)

  • Hanne Knaepen

An interview with the French Development Agency (AFD) with ECDPM on mainstreaming climate change and development. The interview was filmed during the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs).

Video: Interview with Christophe Yvetot – Sustainable Energy For All – European Development Days 2013


Director of UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organisation) talks about the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. It is a programme launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that “brings together top-level leadership from all ...

Video: Dr Marc Nolting – Small farmers, big business (European Development Days 2013)

  • Jeske van Seters

GIZ, Senior Policy Advisor for Rural Development and Agriculture on small farmers, big business with Jeske van Seters at the European Development Days 2013 “Engaging the Private Sector in Sustainable Agricultural Development. ...

Video: The European Commission, CSOs and the private sector – Talking the same language?

  • Bruce Byiers

With the continually growing recognition by donors of the importance of the private sector in development, the European Commission is preparing a communication on the subject, due out in April this year. ...

Video: Adolf Kloke-Lesch, DIE, interviewed at the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs)


Associate Fellow from the German Development Institute, Adolf Kloke Lesch, speaks about the role of Europe in the Post-2015 Agenda, and a question of European leadership in global issues. Filmed at the ...

Small Farmers, Big Business

Following the European Development Days 2013 session on Small Farmers, Big Business, Brecht Lein and Thembi Maunze spoke to about a smallholder farmers project in Zimbabwe, which aimed to make seed available ...

Video: Entretien avec le Dr René Kouassi sur les enjeux pour les relations Afrique-UE en 2014


Enjeux pour les relations Afrique-UE en 2014 Challenges for Africa-EU relations in 2014 – filmed in the margins at ‘Friday of the Commission’. See more at:

Video: Challenges for Africa-EU relations – Gary Quince, Head of EU Delegation to the AU


Filmed at the fringe of the ‘Fridays of the Commission’ meeting in Addis Ababa March 2014, Gary Quince outlines what he thinks are the challenges for Africa-EU relations ahead of the up ...

Video: Making Africa EU Relations Future Proof – Opening Session

  • Geert Laporte

The opening remarks from panelists at the ‘Making Africa-EU Relations Future Proof’ debate, co-hosted by ECDPM and the Department of Economic Affairs of the African Union Commission (AUC) in Addis Ababa on ...

Professor Jack Mangala – Challenges for Africa-EU relations


Filmed at the fringe of the ‘Fridays of the Commission’ meeting in Addis Ababa March 2014, Jack Mangala outlines what he thinks are the challenges for Africa-EU relations ahead of the up ...

Creating More and Better Jobs: GREAT Insights podcast with Roland Michelitsch IFC

  • Bruce Byiers

Hundreds of millions of people do not have jobs today and several hundred millions more will seek jobs by 2020. Most of these unemployed are under the age of 25 and live ...

Video playlist: Interviews from the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs)

  • Anna Knoll
  • Bruce Byiers
  • Hanne Knaepen

All interviews conducted at the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs) For more information, see the blog post here

Challenges for Africa-EU relations in 2014 Podcast Series

  • Bruce Byiers
  • Francesco Rampa
  • James Mackie

Listen to all the podcasts on Challenges in 2014 below. Read the full final paper: A question of leadership? Challenges for Africa-EU relations in 2014

Video: Interview with Marc Noel at the 2013 European Development Days (EDDs)

  • Bruce Byiers

Watch the interview with Marc Noel from Cooperatives Europe. Working with the private sector, what’s missing, from a cooperatives point of view, from this debate.

Video: Gaspar Frontini on policy coherence for development beyond Europe (European Development Days 2013)

Brecht Lein from ECDPM speaks to Gaspar Frontini, head of the Policy Coherence unit at DEVCO in the European Commission. He asks about the findings of the recent report from the unit ...