13 April 2022 14:0016:30

Market opportunities in circular plastics: Overview of South African opportunities, and insights from European pioneers

On 13th April 2022, 14:00-16:30 (CET and SAST), the EU-SA Partners for Growth Programme (of which ECDPM is a consortium member) together with the South African Plastics Pact and the World Bank organised an event on market opportunities in circular plastics in South Africa.

The purpose of the event was to explore opportunities towards more circular plastics in South Africa, as well as to present insights from European pioneers in the field. The focus was particularly on reusable packaging, recycling to produce a high-quality product, and increasing post-consumer recycled content in primary packaging. The session began with a discussion on the status of circularity in plastic packaging in South Africa, based on findings of a recent study undertaken by GreenCape and funded by the World Bank.



Facilitators: Cilnette Pienaar & Oliver Bonstein (GreenCape)

14:00-14:10 Welcome

EU Delegation to South Africa –  Leonie Gross,Policy Officer Multilateral Environmental Cooperation, and The World Bank Group – Eric Dickson, Senior Urban and Disaster Risk Management Specialist, and Joshua Palfreman, Waste Management Specialist

14:10 -14:25 Overview of circularity in plastic packaging in South Africa, and opportunities in reusable packaging Kirsten Barnes, GreenCape, Project Lead: South African Plastics Pact

14:25-14:40 The development journey to scaled reuse models – François Moignet, Business unit Manager at Jean Bouteille

14:40-14:50 Q&A

14:50-15:05 Opportunities in growing the recycling rate for plastic packaging Kirsten Barnes 

15:05-15:20 The development journey to producing high quality recyclate – Gerrit Klein Nagelvoort Manager Business Development at  Veolia Polymers NL B.V. and Fabrizio Di Gregorio, Technical Director  at Plastics Recyclers Europe 

15:20-15:30 Q&A

15:30-15:45 Opportunities in growing recycled content in plastic packaging Kirsten Barnes

15:45-16:00 The development journey to producing recycled content – the experiences of an EU organisation

16:00-16:20 Q&A

16:20-16:30 Wrap up and next steps