17 June 2024 19:0021:00

Localising the Global Gateway: From infrastructure to digital democracy in Africa

On 17 June 2024 from 19:00-21:00 CEST, ECDPM together with Charter Project Africa and the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), are co-organising a meeting 'Localising the Global Gateway: From infrastructure to digital democracy in Africa'.

This event is closed-door and by invitation only.

Launched two years ago as a counterbalance to China’s Belt and Road initiative, the Global Gateway strategy seeks to harness private investments to build key infrastructures for development while upholding EU values in partner countries. Central to this initiative is the EU-Africa Global Gateway Investment Package, a pivotal commitment aimed at supporting Africa's strong, inclusive, green, and digital recovery and transformation. The EU hopes that by investing in digital infrastructure in Africa, it will also be able to support African governments’ efforts to develop their digital governance and regulations, including notably their approach to data protection and data sharing. However, concerns persist regarding the integration of civil society participation in governance structures, particularly within the framework of “flagship projects”.

The Charter Project Africa has been examining policy frameworks struggling to keep pace with the rapid adoption of digital technologies and their impacts on democratic processes. Additionally, discussions on how institutional bodies such as the African Union (AU) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) will engage non-state actors in shaping key policies and regulatory frameworks to support the digitalization of African countries take precedence. As we delve into these topics, the aim is to discuss the evolving landscape of democratic governance in Africa amidst the infrastructure-focused approach of the Global Gateway initiative.


Chloe Teevan, Head of Digital economy and governance, ECDPM
Patrick Costello, Advisory Board member, EPD


Ken Godfrey, Executive Director, EPD

ECDPM staff involved