Media mentions 2020

In 2020, interviews and articles appeared on African Newspage, AllAfrica, Bloomberg, De Standaard, Deutsche Welle, Devex, EUobserver, EURACTIV, the Financial Times, Foreign Policy, HuffPost Italia, Middle East Online, MO*, OmVärlden, POLITICO and Sahel Standard, among others. 

media mentions

Will a new competitive election process for the African Union Commission yield results?
Devex, 16 December 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s Luckystar Miyandazi and Philomena Apiko

EIB and European Commission clash over ‘extra’ €1B for development
Devex, 26 November 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s San Bilal.

Tensions in Ethiopia could lead to widespread displacement, access issues
Devex, 20 November 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw.

Opinion: How can DFIs do more to help MSMEs survive COVID-19?
Devex, 18 November 2020. ECDPM’s San Bilal co-wrote this opinion piece together with Manuel Bueno, Nancy Lee and Valeria Ramundo Orlando.

New EU-Africa pact must deepen trade ties, minister says
Euractiv, 21 October 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s Philomena Apiko.

EU-Africa Summit 2021: Time to Reinvigorate Good Neighbourly Relations
EUbulletin, 21 October 2020. Refers to an op-ed published by ECDPM’s Director Carl Michiels.

Moroccan sex crime trials fuel fears of crackdown on dissent
Financial Times, 17 October 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s Chloe Teevan.

Memo to Michel: How to make most of EU-Africa at the summit
EUObserver, 15 October 2020. Op-ed by ECDPM’s Director Carl Michiels.

East Timor: Second-worst in the world with ‘alarming’ hunger rate, 14 October 2020. ECDPM is mentioned in relation to its contribution to the Global Hunger Index 2020.

EU’s Africa reboot meets cool reception
POLITICO, 8 October 2020. ECDPM’s Alfonso Medinilla is quoted.

Unfavorable Tax Treaties Cause Revenue Loss in African Nations
Bloomberg Tax, 1 October 2020. ECDPM’s Luckystar Miyandazi is quoted.

EU states kick the tires of Team Europe plans
Devex, 2 October 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

Il patto UE sulla migrazione: Lo scetticismo degli esperti
East Journal, 29 September 2020. ECDPM’s Anna Knoll is quoted.
This article has also been featured by Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa.

Vijf jaar sdg’s, de handleiding voor een wereld met minder miserie
Mo*, 18 September 2020. ECDPM’s Geert Laporte is quoted.

OP-ED | The AU-EU Summit didn’t prove immune to COVID-19 – but that may be a blessing in disguise, By Geert Laporte
African Newspage, 16 September 2020. Posting of a commentary by ECDPM’s Geert Laporte.
The commentary has also been re-posted by AllAfrica and the Sahel Standard.

European Commission tells development banks to ‘rely further on us’
Devex, 15 September 2020. It comments on a webinar organised jointly by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the Association of European Development Finance Institutions and ECDPM.

Empresas não podem contrariar políticas comerciais da UE
Noticias ao minuto, 3 September 2020. ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers is quoted.

Ireland to open embassy in Morocco in 2021
Middle East Online, 3 September 2020. ECDPM’s Chloe Teevan is quoted.

COVID-19 and managing migration: Lessons from Latin America, Africa and Asia
Delhi Post, 7 August 2020. ECDPM’s Amanda Bisong is quoted.

Federation Capitalizing On Many Benefits Of The Cariforum-EU Economic Partnership Agreement
ZizOnline, 23 July 2020.

Les transferts de fonds de la diaspora vers l’Afrique subsaharienne en recul de 23%
Agence Afrique, 20 July 2020. Quotes ECDPM’s study on the impact of COVID-19 on remittances for development in Africa.

Countdown to a bitter battle over the water of the Nile?
Equal Times, 6 July 2020. ECDPM’s Alfonso Medinilla is quoted.

Cold war with China is the wrong way to define US policy in Africa
Financial Times, 10 June 2020. ECDPM’s Lidet Tadesse is quoted.

EU’s COVID-19 development boost will all go on budget guarantees
Devex, 3 June 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

Dutch Development Minister looks back on Netherlands’ support for EU development cooperation
Donor Tracker, 2 June 2020.

Immer mehr in eigenem Interesse
Welt Sichten, 2 June 2020.

EU und Afrika: Corona macht den Weg noch steiniger
Deutsche Welle, 24 May 2020. ECDPM’s Geert Laporte is quoted.
The article is also available in Portuguese.

Was bedeuten die neuen EU-Visaregeln für Afrika?
Deutsche Welle, 22 May 2020. ECDPM’s Amanda Bisong is quoted.
The article was also featured in the Indo New YorkAllAfrica and in the Liberia Netherlands Business & Culture Council’s newsletter.

Assessing China’s “Corona Diplomacy” in Africa
The China-Africa Project, 20 May 2020. Lidet Tadesse is interviewed in this podcast.

The pandemic funding gap, extreme poverty projections, and a humanitarian air bridge: This week in development
Devex, 14 May 2020. ECDPM’s Pauline Veron is quoted.

Africa and Europe After COVID-19
Think Global Health, 13 May 2020. Article by Geert Laporte, Sara Pantuliano and Vera Mazzara.

A regional response to help avoid rice shortages in West Africa
Blog post by Poorva Karkare for Developing Economics, 10 May 2020.

Development heavyweights back bigger role for DFIs in COVID-19 response
Devex, 4 May 2020. ECDPM’s San Bilal is quoted.

Coronakrisen udfordrer solidariteten med udviklingslande
Kristeligt Dagblad, 4 May 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

NGOs see opportunity in Merkel’s financial transaction tax focus
Devex, 1 May 2020. ECDPM’s Andrew Sherriff is quoted.

Towards a new Africa-Europe partnership after the Corona crisis
Op-ed by the directors of the European Think Tanks Group institutes, EURACTIV, 30 April 2020. This article has been published also by,  HuffingtonPost ItaliaRwanda Podium.

EU humanitarian boss says COVID-19 warrants aid budget ‘rethink’
Devex, 22 April 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

Asylwirtschaft: Kann es gutgehen, wenn Unternehmen in der Flüchtlingshilfe mitmischen?
Bento, 14 April 2020. Interview with ECDPM’s Amanda Bisong.

After the pandemic: How will COVID-19 transform global health and development?
Devex, 13 April 2020. It features ECDPM’s San Bilal.

EU scrambles to fund global coronavirus response
Devex, 01 April 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

EU leaders focus on homefront for coronavirus response
Devex, 27 March 2020. ECDPM’s Alexei Jones is quoted.

There’s significant build-up towards more equal EU-Africa cooperation
African Newspage, 26 March 2020. Interview with ECDPM’s Luckystar Miyandazi.

Turning the Tables – African and European Narratives in the Time of Corona
Blog by ECDPM’s Lidet Tadesse and Virginia Mucchi featured in AllAfrica, 24 March 2020.

Afrikanska unionen vill inte att EU dikterar villkor för nytt avtal
OmVärlden, 9 March 2020. ECDPM’s Chloe Teevan was interviewed for this article.

EIB boss: Europe should lose its naiveté on open procurement
Devex, 3 March. ECDPM’s San Bilal is quoted.

EU’s von der Leyen set to pay second Africa visit
Deutsche Welle, 27 February 2020. Features interview with ECDPM’s Geert Laporte.

Deutsche Welle News Africa
Deutsche Welle, 26 February 2020. The programme features ECDPM’s Luckystar Miyandazi.

In search of allies, EU turns to Africa
POLITICO, 26 February 2020. ECDPM’s Chloe Teevan is quoted.

EU development policy to be more interest-driven under ‘geopolitical’ Commission
EURACTIV, 21 February 2020. Article based on an interview with ECDPM’s Alexei Jones.

Mike Pompeo woos Africa, but it’s a tough sell
POLITICO, 18 February 2020. ECDPM’s Alfonso Medinilla is quoted.

It’s Africa’s Turn to Leave the European Union
Foreign Policy, 10 February 2020

Promoting W/African Rice: Crucial Role Of Coherent Trade Policies
Article by Clarisse Blancher, Cecilia D’Alessandro and Fabien Tondel featured in the Sahel Standard, 4 February 2020

Med Storbritannien förlorar Sverige en allierad inom EU-biståndet
OmVärlden, 30 January 2020. ECDPM’s Andrew Sherriff is quoted.

Will the EU care about the Caribbean after Brexit?
The Voice, 12 January 2020. ECDPM’s Alfonso Medinilla is quoted

China leert bij, Europa kijkt beteuterd toe
De Standaard, 4 January 2020. ECDPM’s Geert Laporte is quoted.