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The Talking Points blog, produced by our people and partners, aims to deepen the dialogue on policy issues, and get to the heart of the matter in an honest and concise way.

Beyond our role as a knowledge broker, ECDPM wants to build a community of engaged and informed policy makers. Stakeholders from international organisations, development institutions, governments, civil society and independent analysts all have a role to play in the dialogue to improve international cooperation.

With a focus on the ‘how’ and ‘what next’ questions in international cooperation, our blog is a hub for debate on the critical issues.

Covering the major themes of ECDPM’s work, the blog opens debate on:

  • Reconciling values and interests in EU external action
  • Promoting economic governance and trade for inclusive growth
  • Supporting societal dynamics of change for effective democracy and governance in developing countries, particularly in Africa
  • Food security as a global public good

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2015-06-13 22:02:54

- Until developing countries take responsibility for the fate or welfare of their own people then we are wasting our time and tax payer money. - EC AID has its own in-built problem of a sub-optimal external actions policy,prioritisation and delivery mechanism.So poor people-already disenfranchised - pay twice. - The issues you summarise above are mere detail compared to the main problem. -This is getting very serious as each year goes by.This is not a zero sum game nor is development assistance an optional add-on.One look at the news each evening in your country should tell you that. - So why in 2015 is no one confronting the hard problems. Shutting your eyes is no alternative,but rather represents dereliction of duty by the so called "development community". -thanks,John