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Chinese Investments and Employment Creation in Algeria and Egypt

Publications | Published on 24-10-2013

Faten Aggad-Clerx

Despite this assessment of China s trade competitiveness and its negative impact on North Africa ind [...]


Tunisia and the Neighbouring Countries: Common Threats and Shared Solutions

Events | Published on 01-06-2015

Faten Aggad-Clerx

By invitation only The third Tunis Forum - organised by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders - wil [...]

Why does Sahel matter for Africa-Europe relations?

Publications | Published on 23-10-2013

Damien Helly

Even if there is now a new president in Mali following a hastily organized election process, develop [...]

Elizabeth Planel

Our People | Published on 10-03-2017

Elizabeth Planel works as Corporate Assistant at ECDPM's Brussels office. Before joining ECDPM, she [...]

Development and Security in the Sahel

Events | Published on 21-05-2015

Greta Galeazzi | Willy Kokolo (Alumnus)

Lessons learned from the Malian crisis and implications for international strategies in the region O [...]

Faten Aggad-Clerx's external publications and contributions

Pages | Published on 27-02-2014

EU struggles to balance interests in North Africa Faten Aggad-Clerx, This is Africa, 11 February 201 [...]

The EU's migration cooperation with North Africa: will the carrot and stick approach work?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-03-2017

Anna Knoll | Tasnim Abderrahim

On 2 March, the European Union published the third progress report on actions carried out under the [...]

How North Africa’s look towards the south can shake up AU-EU relations

Talking Points Blog | Published on 27-11-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Tasnim Abderrahim

For the first time since its creation, the African Union finally embraces the whole African continen [...]

Building Peace in the Sahel: A Regional Perspective

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 04-12-2014

Affected by the now chronic instability resulting from trafficking and terrorism, Sahelian countries [...]

Monthly Highlights from ECDPM's Weekly Compass Update, Volume 1, Issue 2 (March-April 2012)

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 13-12-2013

The relation between roads and poverty Weekly Compass, No. 105, 23 March 2012Infrastructure, mostly [...]