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West African cement - Stuck between politics and economics?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 11-09-2017

Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

Despite the hype around Aliko Dangote, the Nigerian billionaire who ostensibly shows that business C [...]

The odyssey of elections in Africa: A new era of democracy and rule of law?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 11-09-2017

Luckystar Miyandazi

After the Supreme Court of Kenya s decision to nullify the results of the 8 August 2017 presidential [...]

Policy Coherence in 2017: Lessons from the United Nations High Level Political Forum

Talking Points Blog | Published on 18-09-2017

Martin Ronceray

The concept of 'policy coherence has progressively gained prominence among the international develop [...]

Regional organisations in Africa - Mapping multiple memberships

Talking Points Blog | Published on 15-09-2017

Bruce Byiers

ECDPM has developed an interactive map to help you navigate the complex landscape of Regional Organi [...]

‘Making Africa work’ - What not to do

Talking Points Blog | Published on 16-10-2017

Bruce Byiers | San Bilal

'Africa Works was the somewhat provocative title of a book published in 1999. With the subtitle diso [...]

Negotiating the next EU budget: A unique opportunity for EU foreign and development policy

Talking Points Blog | Published on 09-10-2017

Andrew Sherriff | Mariella Di Ciommo | Meritxell Sayós Monràs

The EU agreed to spend a total of €66.3 billion on external action, plus €30.5 billion under the [...]

A message to African and European leaders: ‘More of the same is not good enough’

Talking Points Blog | Published on 23-10-2017

In a few weeks time, African and European leaders will gather in Abidjan for the fifth AU-EU Summit. [...]

Trade and food security in West Africa

Talking Points Blog | Published on 30-10-2017

Bruce Byiers

The West African economy is an informal economy. So trade facilitation is about working with informa [...]

Sectoral multi-stakeholder initiatives at EU level: quo vadis?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 29-09-2017

Jeske van Seters

Multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) bring together actors such as businesses and business associati [...]

Don’t expect perfection but progress! Multi-stakeholder initiatives to foster responsible business conduct

Talking Points Blog | Published on 28-09-2017

Karim Karaki

Private sector engagement for sustainable development has become a key concept among development com [...]