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Dossier: The political economy of regional integration in Africa

Pages | Published on 02-02-2015

[hupso] Want to share this page? Use our short URL There are numerous regio [...]

Promoting Comprehensive Approaches in the Sahel

Pages | Published on 03-02-2015

Instability and then humanitarian crises in the Sahel have become a regional, continental and intern [...]


Pages | Published on 08-10-2013

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Peace and Security Post-2015

Pages | Published on 03-02-2015

Peace, justice and governance were not part of the original MDGs, but they have featured prominently [...]

Strengthening European External Action programme - outputs 2014

Pages | Published on 12-06-2015

Below we present an overview of the outputs from the Strengthening European External Action programm [...]

Theme 2: Promoting economic governance and trade for inclusive growth

Pages | Published on 16-12-2013

We support the formation of a global economic system that fosters social equity, poverty alleviation [...]

Dossier: Financing for development

Pages | Published on 26-06-2015

[hupso] This latest ECDPM dossier brings together the Centre s work on financing for development ove [...]

Eunike Spierings' external publications and contributions

Pages | Published on 28-02-2014

Study on the legal instruments and lessons learned from the evaluations managed by the Joint Evaluat [...]

Overview of key events in international cooperation

Pages | Published on 08-07-2014

Volker Hauck's publications

Pages | Published on 28-02-2014

ECDPM publications Bilal, S., Hauck, V. 2016. Prosperity for peace. GREAT Insights Magazine, Volume [...]