Making policies work

Young international professionals programme

ECDPM’s young international professionals (YIP) programme offers young researchers from Africa an opportunity to join one of our policy teams for a period of six months up to a year. The YIP programme aims to inspire a dynamic exchange of knowledge, views, and networks.

What we offer is a practical training in international cooperation and development policy research, particularly from an EU and EU-Africa point of view. What our YIP researchers offer us, is specific content expertise and a strong sense of how young people from Africa view the issues we are working on – helping us to challenge our views and habits.

The programme also aims to build and strengthen relationships with partner institutes in Africa. Several YIP researchers are recruited in cooperation with African organisations and divide their time between ECDPM and our partner institute.

Since the programme was created in 2013, nine young professionals from Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Burundi, Benin, Kenya and Tunisia have joined our policy teams.

Join us as a YIP researcher

Are you interested in joining ECDPM as a YIP researcher? Check whether we have a vacancy. For any other questions contact Kathleen van Hove or Karen Gielen.

There is a limited number of YIP positions due to the size of our organisation. We will advertise YIP positions on our vacancies page and through our other media channels.