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ECDPM analyses ways to take advantage of innovative sources of financing for Africa. How can African stakeholders broaden their revenue generation in a sustainable and transparent manner?

Any transformative development agenda requires adequate financial means for its effective implementation

In the current state of global economic instability, there is a clear sense of urgency among developing countries, particularly in Africa, to tap new sources of domestic and international financing in order to meet development objectives and to fully support effective regional integration.

Innovative sources of finance from the private sector have significant and relatively untapped potential

The Economic Transformation and Trade Programme will:

  • Look at innovative sources of financing for the functioning of regional organisations and for the mobilisation of revenue to fulfill their ambitions such as the implementation of large-scale cross-border and regional infrastructure projects and programmes
  • Consider the political economy of reforms ranging from fiscal adjustments to domestic resource mobilisation. That will include analysis of intergovernmental fiscal relations, the private sector, “fiscal legitimacy”, local finances and accountability
  • Build on our expertise in the area of local governance and domestic accountability to develop improved funding models for sustainable local and national finances
  • Look specifically at the governance of the extractive industry, in particular transparent and effective revenue management and its generation, as well as the critical role of the private sector