Making policies work
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The programme supports efforts to enhance the EU’s overall political and institutional capacity to be an effective global player in supporting conflict prevention, crisis response, peacebuilding and resilience.

Significant strides have been made by the European External Action Service, the European Commission and EU member states to formulate holistic responses to crisis, conflict and insecurity. Developing specialised instruments, promoting ‘integrated approaches’ to conflict and building strategic partnerships with key organisations such as the African Union and the United Nations have been essential building blocks of the EU’s efforts to promote peace and security. Still, a lot more needs to be done as Europe seeks to enhance its profile as a global actor that reconciles interests and values.

The EU has the political and institutional capacity to be an effective global player in addressing both the causes and consequences of violent conflict. ECDPM focuses on the work that EU institutions and member states need to do to enhance their collective capacity for more integrated and effective external action in addressing external conflicts, in close collaboration with ECDPM’s European External Affairs programme.

There is a need for a more integrated approach, to ensure that all European external policies and programmes address the underlying causes of conflicts.

The EU institutions and member states need to enhance their collective capacity for more integrated external action in addressing violent conflict and building more peaceful and inclusive societies. We contribute to this change through:

  • Feeding the debate on improving EU policy frameworks and operational capacities with research and evidence-based analysis
  • Connecting diplomatic, security and development actors within EU institutions, member states, partner organisations such the AU and the UN, and civil society organisations in Europe and Africa
  • Supporting effective EU delivery with a focus on the ‘how’ in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, crisis response and building resilience
  • Documenting innovative practices and synthesising their lessons for others
  • Monitoring EU policy coherence as it reconciles values and interests in the security-development nexus

Photo courtesy of European External Action Service.


The comprehensive approach
Many questions remain unresolved in translating guidance from Brussels into a Comprehensive Approach for effective action and connecting diplomatic, development and security players on the ground.

EU crisis response
We look at how EU policies and practices that deal with early recovery from crises, emergencies and humanitarian relief are translated effectively in key sectors, with the aim of creating stability to strengthen resilience towards peacebuilding and statebuilding.

Conflict prevention, mediation and support to transition
While the EU has taken concrete steps to improve its responses to conflict prevention and support to mediation and transition from conflict to development, many operational questions remain.