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Promoting coherent policies 

Policy Coherence for Development aims to prevent negative side effects across policies and promote interactions benefiting development policies and objectives. The concept comes from the recognition that development assistance alone will not bring development. Policy coherence for sustainable development is at the heart of the globally endorsed Sustainable Development Goals.

Food insecurity is a multi-dimensional worldwide challenge, which requires global attention and a cross-sector response

The European Union (EU) is the only region in the world with a legal commitment to PCD. It is enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which states that the EU will take into account the objectives of development cooperation in the policies which are likely to affect developing countries.

The Programme analyses and facilitates dialogue on (in)coherence between the development and international trade and investment policies of development partners, mostly the EU and its Member States, with African agricultural transformation and food security objectives. Particular attention is paid to the current moves to link Official development assistance (ODA) and European companies’ own investment in African agriculture.


Key publications on EU Policy Coherence for Food Security