Making policies work
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Over the past few years significant efforts have been made to strengthen the principles and institutions that make up the African Governance Architecture (AGA). The ‘Africa’s Change Dynamics‘ programme has contributed to several stages of the development of the African Governance Architecture framework through technical support to the African Union Commission’s Department of Political Affairs (DPA), both directly and in collaboration with partners.

Several milestones were reached in 2013 and 2014:

  • The African Governance Architecture (AGA) operationalised its political and technical committees, charged with carrying out the implementation of the work plan of the African Governance Platform (AGP).
  • A structured dialogue was launched by the African Union’s Peace and Security Department (AU PSD), with the view to enhancing linkages between the African Governance Architecture and the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA).
  • The entry into force of the Africa Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good Governance (ACDEG) has empowered the African Union Commission to play a coordinating role, ensuring greater compliance with good governance standards in African countries.

Against this backdrop, the ‘Africa’s Change Dynamics’ Programme will continue to engage with and support the Department of Political Affairs in its endeavours to fully operationalise the African Governance Platform (AGP) and to implement its work plan.

The Programme also aims to deepen knowledge on the role of regional organisations in governance. Regional organisations are key to the governance architecture and efforts to strengthen linkages with the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA).

Through its knowledge brokering, the ‘Africa’s Change Dynamics’ programme will build on the work done by ECDPM and by African stakeholders to support much-needed efforts in creating a sustainable financing framework for development. These should link programmes and frameworks like the Agenda 2063 with efforts to mobilise resources to ensure that the regional integration envisioned in Africa is sustainable.